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Freebyte's Guide To
Web Tools
Fight for your right to standards!
Fight for your right to web standards!

This page contains tools, services, programs and other stuf which can be useful for anyone building a homepage or website.

Web Statistics/Counters
Superstats SuperStats is a free web page statistic service that you can use to track visitors, hits, browser types, domain names, IP addresses, traffic patterns of your web pages and more. SuperStats gives you five full days worth of detailed statistics along with monthly totals. No limit on traffic or amount of web pages. Shows referring web pages, so you can see how people did find your website. Good service, but you have to include a large banner on your page.
Freestats Tells how many hits your page gets, how many unique visitors your page gets each day and month, and shows who they are. Also shows the pages where your visitors are coming from.
NedStat USA
NedStat NL
This statistics service is free for non-commercial pages with up to 10 000 visits per day. Other packages- for commercial pages - and with more advanced options are also available, but not free. The free service is used by Freebyte. By using this service, you only need to place a small NedStat image on it.
Showstat Free statistics service as long as you place their small icon on your page; your page should generate less then 10,000 hits per day. If it generates more traffic, the serviced is no longer free.
Better Counter Features of the free service: keeps counts of up to 20 pages, for up to 500 hits per day. Hits analysis in a customizable page structure. The non-free service does not have the above limitations.
Easy Counter Offers several webpage counters. Features:
* Set the initial value.
* View the counts on all webpages simultaneously.
* Additional reset counter which counts the number of hits since reset.
Note: the counters contain large advertisement banners.
Fast Counter Free Web counter, easy setup. Advertises with the fact that it does not slow down your page, because of its fast response time. Statistics reports are send to you by email. You can choose from several different counter styles.
Maweb Free Web counter. You have to put a link to their page in return. You can have up to five counters.
Free mailing lists
Introduction These services allow you to add one or more mailing lists to your website. Users can subscribe and unsubscribe to the mailing lists themselves. The mailing lists can be managed with a web based user interface.
Listbot Excellent user interface, simple to use. Great service. You can create more then one mailing list, but you can send one message per list per day. A small advertisement is attached to the messages you send to your subscribers. Used at Freebyte! here!
MakeList Free mailing list service. Does not attach advertisements to your messages. No limits to the number of members. Not tested but makes a good impression.

Website add-ons: services
Store4free Free online store/selling system by iCat.
Free stores: A full-featured store with 10 items or less. No set up fees, no payments for transactions, no commissions, no programming required. Your store will accept the major credit cards.
Premium Stores: For up to 50 items, stores cost $49.95 a month; for up to 100 items, $99.95 a month; for up to 500 items, $199.95 a month, for up to 1,000 items, $299.95 a month; and for up to 3,000 items, $349.95 a month
VantageNet Free discussion forums.
You can use this free service to build an online community or discussion forum on your site. It is possible to use your own graphics, backgrounds, colors, etc. You don't need your own server for this, and don't need any CGI scripting knowledge. The forum content is searchable.
Cartoon Factory Each day a different cartoon on your site. The cartoons have professional quality. Free 1 month trial period.
URL Minder

You can put a form on your site linking to URL-minder. Users who sign up with URL-minder from your site will get an e-mail alerting them whenever there is a change in your pages.

Website add-ons: scripts/applets
JavaChat Java chat server, including source code. Can be used freely.
Interactive Calendars From their own description: let your customers, prospects, and employees know about important events happening in your organization and keep these people coming back to your site again & again with a free interactive web site calendar. No programming required and it's simple to plug into your existing site.
Event Calendars Python. Free CGI event calendar formatting services for the web author who maintains a calendar at his website. Simply paste the event descriptions to the text box, press generate and you get perfect html for an event calendar, ready for saving and uploading to your website.
CGI-Free Website which will execute some pre-defined CGI scripts for your Website. Script available: browser redirection, random image, form mailer, random link, countdown to date, pull-down menu direction, random quote.

Website add-ons:
Search Engines
PinPoint Free service. PinPoint indexes your site itself, so it does not use other search engines. You don't even have to enter any of the search indexing terms yourself. After letting the PinPoint webcrawler index all the pages of your site, you can include a small predefined search form on one of your pages.
This service is used at Freebyte! See here. Easy to use, works flawlessly, highly recommended!
Debriefing Free meta search engine you can put onto any website. It can search the entire web, or just your site. It uses AltaVista, HotBot and Infoseek, so first your site must have been indexed by these search engines. A free submission form for the three search engines is available.
Personal experience: the debriefing search engine only gave extremely outdated results when searching my site. This despite repeated submissions of my URL to the three search engines for a longer period of time. I can not believe this will be so with all URLs, since the three search engines Debriefing uses are well known and of high quality.
Bravenet A search engine that only searches your site. It works differently then Debriefing. Debriefing uses other search engines, in this one you have to put your own search terms. E.g. if you have a page about cars, you have to enter any relevant keywords for that page into the search engine. This can be very effective on one side - you decide what words point to which pages. On the other hand, if you have a big site, it might get rather tiresome to enter all the search terms.
I think this is a very interesting option for smaller sites.

Website add-ons:
Tim's Design Design
Get a custom designed banner, button, logo or entrance graphic for your website! Tim's Design makes one for free! One item per e-mail address.
GIF/JPEG Cruncher Image compresson
Free service. Compresses GIF/JPEG files from the Web or from your harddisk. You can compress as many images as you like.
GIFBot Image compresson
Free service. Compresses GIF/JPEG/animated GIF files up to 90%.
Gif Optimizer Image compression
Free service. Compresses any GIF files, including animated GIF images up to 75%. All is done online. The user uploads a file from the hardisk or from a webserver, and is guided through various steps to reduce the file size. The user can then finally choose a file with minimum size that still retains good quality.
GIF Lube Image compression
GIF Lube helps your page load faster by reducing the size of an image. It reduces image size by reducing the number of colors in the image. GIF Lube also allows you to compress and convert your image into GIF or JPG formats. Price: $9.99 per month or $69.99 per year - free trial.
Gif Wizard Image compression
Quality compression. Commercial service. Costs: $79.00 per year, or $19.00 per month.

Web Forwarding services
Introduction Advantages
These services can provide your site with a simple URL without moving your pages to another Web server. When visitors are entering the simple URL, these services will automatically redirect them to your site. Besides the advantage of a simpler URL, you don't have to change the simple URL when you move your homepage to another provider.
On disadvantage of most free forwarding services is, that while your visitors are redirected, they might get exposed to various amounts of advertisement. In fact, advertisement banners and graphics might slow down the redirecting process considerably!
Also: in case the redirecting service is down, busy or unreachable, your site will be non- approachable from the simple URL.
Monolith This free service provides an URL like
My URL Free Dutch service. Gives you an URL like . Free service. Gives you an URL like Remember free service. Gives you an URL like
Other options:,,,,, The goal of is to provide free subdomain registration to users or non-profit organizations who cannot afford the outrageous fees demanded by some NICs, especially in Europe. Free service. Gives you an URL like You get an URL like
MyPage No advertisements are displayed while your visitors are redirected! For this you have to pay just 25 Dutch Guilders per year (about $12.50 US). The site and instructions are in Dutch. This service gives you an URL like

HTML Validation
Introduction This category lists sites which can check out the correctness of the HTML code and links on your site. More general background information on validating HTML code is found at Validating HTML Code. Additional links to services can be found at HTML Validation Tools.
Doctor HTML Performs a complete Web site analysis, according to your specifications. Tests hyperlinks, HTML correctness, page load size including images, etc.
Site Inspector Free service. Examines browser compatibility, load time search engine readiness, spelling, HTML errors.
WebTechs HTML

Strict Web site diagnostic tool. The mother of all Website diagnostics tools.
Web site Garage Web Site Garage runs a free 7 point diagnostic test checking for load time, dead links, Register-It readiness, link popularity, spell check, HTML design and browser compatibility.
Sometimes it seems to list errors that don't seem to be errors.
Frontier Object oriented HTML publishing system.
Runs Mac and PC. Free!. Very interesting professional system for Webmasters to create their pages in an object oriented manner. Key-words: scripts, database, templates, HTML rendering, Macros, open architecture. Certainly the way of the future!
Derekware HTML editor
Useful but low level HTML editor. Homepage for the Perl language. Perl is an extremely powerful and flexible scripting language for server-side scripting. Many free Perl tools are available for various platforms. Some free homepage providers even offer the option for you to upload and execute Perl Web scripts (see here).

More resources
Articles about website design and promotion, reviews of software and services for webmasters, Design Guidelines, a weekly newsletter, and organized links to over 1000 free resources to help webmasters build, promote an maintain a successful website.
Tools for Web Sites
Documentation and software for HTML developers; Windows NT/95, Windows 3.1, Macintosh.
Mike's Web
Twenty categories of free webpage stuff, each of the sites listed comes with a short desription and a rating.
Web Wizard Javascripts, graphics/icons, counters, software, homepage tools, and more.
Surfree Great site listing many free stuff for creating and maintaining a website.
Web Page Resources Many useful things for people creating sites: VRML, Java, HTML, bullets, CGI scripting, backgrounds, etc.
Freebie News Newsletter with lots of useful information for people who create/maintain Websites.
Script Site Site listing many other sites who have mostly free CGI scipts and Java scripts for download.
The Free Index Links to tools and services you can use to enhance your homepage.
Free Internet Good page with various free resources for creating home pages.
Free stuff
for Webpersons
Site with information on promoting, creating and enhancing your website.
Webdesign links Page with information on Web design, construction, promotion, graphics, etc.
Free Homepages Get a free Website!.
This page, which is hosted by Freebyte!, contains many links to services which will host your homepage for free. Some offer 30 Mb or more. A few even allow you to run your own CGI scripts.
Free email addresses Check it out!.
Mail forwarding, web based mail accounts, free pop3 services Contains services which will provide you a lifetime free email address. For some you don't even need an email program.
The page is hosted by Freebyte.

Copyright: Freebyte!
Almere, the Netherlands

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