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Dear fellow spam-victim,

If you have been spammed in the name of, please be assured that we never send out any spams. In the past we received a number of complaints regarding spams which seem to have been sent by us. However, these spams do not originate from (nor any of our other Websites).

The truth is, that some anti-social elements have been sending out spams, faking them to be from legitimate (= non-spamming) sites, such as One reason is that spammers want to hide their own identity. They might also enjoy the side-effect of discrediting legitimate (= non-spamming) Websites.

Please note that it is easy to fake mail headers, and pretend that you are someone else using an email, or to pretend that the mail originates from a certain domain or Website. It is easy using standard mail programs to fake one's email address, as long as the mail server allows for this.

Spamming is a criminal activity in most civilized countries. Spam creates a lot of damage. Spam can destroy email boxes (rendering them useless), newsletters, discussion groups, message boards, etc.

If you want to punish the people spamming you and make them stop, you can submit their spams to the free service automatically analyzes the headers of the spams, discards any fake information, and will report spammers automatically to their real email and website providers. This can lead to termination of the accounts of spammers and even to their arrest.

For more information on how to fight spam, please see also our page on Anti-spam Tools & Services.

Best regards,

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