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Free graphics programs
A collection of truly free image editors, free image viewers, free 3-D animation programs, free photo albums, and much more! Also: demo 2-D cell animation programs.

Free Business Services
Various free services which can help you do business on the net, like a free (physical) postbox in multiple countries, free online check/cheque printing system, free stock information and stock trading services, receive international export offers by email for free, etc. etc.

Free Office software
Free office suites, free accounting software, free spreadsheets, word processors, text editors, personal databases, calculators, currency converters clocks, calendars, various free office utilities.

Free data protection and encryption
Free utilities to protect, store and encrypt your data, emails, passwords. Remove files so that they can not be recovered. Links to encryption and security Web sites.

Freebyte's Guide to
Winning Prizes!

You can win prizes, without any need to spend money in order to sign up for them. Web sites which offer free lotteries, sweepstakes, trivia quizzes, online games, and more. Although you can enter these contests and games for free, you are offered pretty large cash prizes (from $100 to more than $1,000,000); you can also win cars, vacations, stereo's, tv's, cruises, etc. etc.

Free CAD software!
CAD demo programs and truly free CAD software. Also: CAD/CAM, Physical and thermal Modelling etc. etc.

Custom Addressbook
Your anywhere miniature PIM!
Extremely flexible, fully customizable, address manager, small (180Kb), easy to use (full Windows user interface), zero-install, password protection, data encryption, search, import, etc. etc. Many more useful features!
You can even define your own addressbook from scratch! Or you can use the functional default settings.
Runs on Win 95/98/NT.
Download here or find out more!

Free Software
The free software page lists a variety of quality utilities and programs for Windows 95, 98 and NT, all available at no cost, of course, and easy to use.

Online Reference
Free online dictionaries, encyclopedias, maps, scientific reference (biology, chemistry, linguistics, physics, mathematics, space, etc.).

Psion Freeware
Page listing freeware, utilities and games for the Psion Palmtop computer series. Created by Gary Ewer.

General News sites, specialized news sites (science, sports, weather, humor, etc.), news subscription services. American, English, French, German, Brazilian, Italian, Dutch, Spanish, Chinese, South African, etc. newspapers and news sites.
Freebyte PC Helpdesk
Free technical assistance! Freebyte can help you with your technical/PC-related problems. Just contact our free PC Helpdesk!

HJSplit 2.2 Now splits GigaByte files!
Useful? Yes! For example, you might want to make a backup of a 6 Gb file to CD-Rom. First split this very large file into 640 Mb parts (using HJSplit 2.2), then write those parts to CD-Rom with your CD-writer program.
Freeware, created by Freebyte!.

New online and automatic service to convert a TreePad file to a complete HTML Website. Free service. Check it out!

Free Anti-virus software
Believe it or not, there are many good anti-virus programs you can download and use for free!
Also: free firewalls, very useful trial anti-virus program versions, anti-virus software tests, links to specialized anti-virus sites, etc.

Free file and disk utilities
Free compression/zip programs, free backup software, file-splitters, multi-boot software, partition software, free disk defragmentation software, free disk catalogue programs, etc.

Freebyte Music Zone
Software synthesizers, music sites, midi sequencers, score/notation software, MP3 search engines, midi/MP3/WAV files for download, etc. etc.

Freebyte Backup
Freeware backup program for Windows 95/98/NT
Are you tired of those unreliable and complicated backup programs?
Use Freebyte Backup, it's easy and it's free!

Now you can run your old Commodore64 and ZX80 programs on a PC! Almost any game-computer, hand-held computer or obsolute computer can be 'emulated' on a PC or MAC.

Free Homepages
Now you can publish your own Website for free! This 'free homepages' page will help you find the best free service to suit your needs. Some services even allow you to run self-made CGI scripts.

Free Screensavers
Download screensavers for Windows 3.1, 3.11, 95, 98 and NT, screensaver construction packages which don't require any programming, desktop themes, desktop utilities.

Guide to finding drivers, DLL's, BIOS updates and system files mainly for Windows operating systems. Various hardware companies and links to pages listing many other hardware companies.

Free Internet Programs
Free web browsers, plug-ins, news readers, FTP, chat and email programs.

Free Web Services
Services, tools and websites that are useful for anyone surfing the Web.
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TreePad is an all-purpose organizer, a versatile PIM, database and outline text editor. Due to the features available in its freeware version, TreePad can be a valuable asset not only for collectors, but just as well for students of whatever discipline, teachers, researchers, business people of all sorts, journalists, e-mailers, and anyone, in sum, who can profit from a reliable and flexible database, whatever its use or purpose. Alternative link..
Freeware, created by Freebyte!

HomePage Made Easy
This site lists useful information for the homepage beginner.
The official Greek version of Freebyte! duly licenced for that language.

Free compilers, databases, installers, programming tools, help-authoring tools, programming languages, RAD's, Java tools, editors, lots of information and useful links for programmers.

Operating Systems
A listing of some alternative free operating systems. Also: a few interesting commercial operating systems. Low budget supercomputing.

Free Games
Free game software, sites which offer online games, online contests where you can win prizes.

Free Publicity
Submit your site to hundreds of search engines, listings, and award sites, all for free! Also: banner exchange services and other publicity generators.

Various good jokes and funny stories, links to cartoons and cartoon sites, 'Microsoft bashing'. Links to other humor pages.

Free Web Tools
Tools, services, programs, websites and other stuff useful for anyone building a homepage or website.

Free E-mail addresses
A large listing of services that provide free lifetime email addresses. About Freebyte
Freebyte is created, designed and maintained by
NL Software, a software company specialized in business, client-server, internet/intranet and database applications. NL Software is based in Almere, the Netherlands.