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Artistic Screensavers
Appleblossom ArtA large collection of very original and beautiful screensavers, all freeware.
Kanji ScreenSaverShows Japanese/Kanji characters like Love, Honor, Happiness and others.
Nature Screensavers
Best of my
A set of screensavers with 21 high quality animated water images, such as rivers, waterfalls, lakes, beaches. Including sound effects. Freeware for Windows.
OceanDive3D animated underwater (ocean) screensaver. Freeware for Windows. The non-free version comes with a scuba diving exploration game.
Lovely Pond 3DFly over the living pond with beautiful flowers.
3D ButterfliesFreeware screensaver featuring vividly colorful fluttering butterflies, green grass and 3D picturesque scenery.
3D Arctic BearFreeware screensaver featuring a polar bear on a drifting piece of ice.
Happy Farm LightFree colorful 3d screensaver: sunny day, the flies are buzzing, the birds are singing, the cows are grazing - nothing breaks this happy harmony and cozy atmosphere.
Waterworks (sorted)A set of screensavers with 108 high quality animated water images, such as rivers, waterfalls, lakes, beaches. Including sound effects. Freeware for Windows.
AquaticaFreeware and shareware animated waterworlds, 3D aquarium and marine screensavers.
Rainfall screen saverDrops rain on a beautiful flower.
SciFi and Fantasy Screensavers
Lord of the Rings"The Return of the King" (Lord of the Rings) 3D screensaver. Freeware
Batman BeginsBatman begins 3D Screensaver
StarTrekStartrek 3D Starships screensaver
Inside the MatrixInside the Matrix 3D screensaver
Matrix ScreensaverDrops green charactes (0s and 1s) on black background. Got its name as matrix screen saver as similar one was displayed in matrix movie. This is the closest screen saver that resembles matrix screen saver shown in the movie.
Matrix screensaversTwo freeware screensavers inspired by the Matrix movie: Matrix Reloaded Screensaver and Matrix 3D Clock.
Matrix ScreensaverIt drops green charactes (0s and 1s) on a black background similar to what was displayed in the Matrix movies.
The MatrixThe Matrix (unofficial screensaver)
UFO ScreensaverFreeware screensaver with 4 different types of 'popular' UFO designs, all rendered photo-realistically, which spin or wobble their way around your screen.
Invasion Screen saverHeavily inspired by the opening credits of Tim Burton's Mars Attacks! film. It features swarms of saucers in gently wobbling formation, parallax-scrolling up the screen.
3D Screensavers
Screensavers 3DA collection of free 3D screensavers. You need to register them, but registration is free.
ColorcubeA collection of free screen savers for Windows with one common theme: colored cubes exploding, flying, transforming, etc.
Clock screensavers
AJ Screensaver
Versatile freeware clock screensaver for Windows. Can display many different types of clocks. Check it out!
Free 7art Clock screensaversVarious free clock screensavers: a clock consisting of floating stones, a sky watch clock, clocks using strapworks, crystals, tarot clock, a lighthouse, a rainbow, an aquarium, an alien sun, etc. etc.
Funny Screensavers
Bill's Pie TossHilarious screensaver which throws pies at Bill Gates. You can also throw pies yourself - interactive mode. Free version, there is also a longer version which is not free.
Screensavers for Kids
Happy Halloween ScreensaverHappy Halloween screensaver with cheerful pumpkins flying around kind magicians and fairies playing with merry ghosts. Festive sounds and solemn music become a hymn of your Happy Halloween.
Screensavers with Cartoons
Garfield screensaversThree Garfield screensavers for Windows and MAC, freeware.
TeeCee Screen SaverTeeCee Screen Saver for Windows, interactive and with animations. Freeware.
OskaOska Screen Saver for Windows, interactive and with animations. Freeware.
Interactive Screensavers
MyCorkboardFree screensaver with an interactive bulletin board feature. Good for sticking electronic notes onto your screen, calendar keeping, etc. For Windows.
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Useful or Informative Screensavers
[email protected]The [email protected] program is a special kind of screensaver. Like other screensavers it starts up when you leave your computer unattended, and it shuts down as soon as you return to work. What it does in the interim is unique. While you are getting coffee, or having lunch or sleeping, your computer will be helping the Search for Extraterrestrial Intelligence by analyzing data specially captured by the world's largest radio telescope.
World Counter 3.2 for
Win 3.x/95/98/ME
Free Screen saver showing the size of the world population! See how many people join us every second. Population growth and population count variables are adjustable. Option: you can also run it without installing.

Download: (121 Kb)
Platforms: Windows 3.1/3.11/95/98/ME
Version: 3.2 Freeware
Created by

Screensaver Construction Packages
The programs in this section enable you to create and distribute your own screensavers.
Slideshow 2.3 for Win
Freeware. Create your own slideshow screen saver! With this screensaver you can create and distribute your own slideshow. Supports JPEG (compressed), BMP (Bitmap) and WMF (Windows Meta File) images. A small sample JPEG slideshow is included. More features: animation, random slideshow, stretch to fill screen, display at maximum size, image stretch, loop animation, speed adjustment, preview without install, create slideshow distribution packages, etc. This free program is both a screen saver and a screen saver construction package.

Download: (280 Kb)
Platforms: Windows 95/98/NT/ME/2000/XP.
Version: 2.3 Freeware
Created by:

Slideshow 1.1 for Win
Free screen saver for Windows 3.x and Windows 95/98/ME. Using this 16-bit program you can create slideshows of BMP (Bitmap) images.

Download: (139 Kb)
Platforms: Windows 3.1/3.11/95/98/ME.
Version: 1.1 Freeware
Created by:

Photo Saver 1.3 for Win
Your own portrait as a screensaver? This screensaver displays a bouncing image or photograph of your choosing. It can display JPEG files, BMP (Bitmap) files and WMF files (Windows Meta Files). Three image sample files - one of each type - are included.

Download: (251 Kb)
Platforms: Windows 95/98/NT/ME/2000/XP.
Version: 1.3 Freeware
Created by:

Photo Saver 1.2 for Win
Your own portrait as a screensaver? This 16-bit screensaver displays a bouncing image or photograph of your choosing. Support for BMP (Bitmap) images. A sample bitmap photograph is included.

Download: (134 Kb)
Platforms: Windows 3.1/3.11/95/98/ME.
Version: 1.2 Freeware
Created by:

Screensaver Portals
FabulousSavers.comFree high quality computer desktop wallpaper in custom sizes, desktop themes, and skins for browsers, Yahoo!, and ICQ, freeware and shareware screen savers. Updated daily
FreeSaver.comTruly free screensaver: no shareware, no nags, only freeware. Browse and choose from over 1600 free Windows screensavers organised in 16 categories, or use the search engine to locate a specific screensaver. All the screensavers have thumbnail previews, ratings and descriptions.
Screensavers.comOver 6,000 free screensavers and desktop wallpapers.
Screensavers PlanetScreensavers ordered by category and popularity.
ScreensaverShot.comOver 2500 free screensavers.
Screen Saver HeavenOver 2500 screensavers and desktop wallpapers.
Screensaver NetworkHigh-quality screensavers, freeware and shareware.
EZthemes.comDesktop themes, wallpapers, screensavers.
Desktop DecoratorFree desktop themes, screensavers and skins.
Screensaver Authors
Useless CreationsAuthor of many screensavers. Check it out!
LizardWorksVarious free and non-free screen savers: balloons, Lens, hearts, Horserace, Aliens on Skateboard, Puzzle, Scramble, etc.
Free Desktop Wallpapers
Wallpaper RandomizerA small program that selects different desktop wallpaper each time you start your computer.
EpicWallpaper.comHigh-quality background images for your desktop.
goWallpapers.comFree and original desktop wallpapers organized by category.
MieNet's Free
Desktop Wallpapers
Free wallpapers by Mienet and links to more free wallpapers and graphics.
Sunset Wonder
for your Desktop
Free Sunset for your desktop: add a splendid sunset landscape image to your windows computer desktop. The picture was taken in Brasília, Brazil, looking over the Paranoá Lake, around which the city has been built.
ThemeWorld.comFree Desktop Themes for Windows and MAC
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Free Cursors
MieNet's Free CursorsAdd some visual delight and practical efficiency to your computing experience! MieNet's 70-cursor collection is unique in a number of ways. To begin with, the collection has equally been developed for left- & right-handed PC users.
Free Ringtones ringtonesFree ringtones by various artists.
CTunes.euFree realtones, MP3 ringtones, truetones, classical realtones, folk, halloween music, etc.
Free Ringtones GaloreAll the latest monophonic/polyphonic ringtones of new hits as well as more true tones and real sound ringtones.
Janis IanFree ring-tones by folk-singer Janis Ian.
mobizaarFree ringtones and wallpapers for your mobile phone.
Really Free Ringtones100% Free ringtones and help on getting free ringtones.
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