Scan Calculator
For calculating scanning resolutions
Current version: 1.0

Scan Calculator is a freeware program that calculates the scanning resolution necessary to achieve certain results based on certain input values, like output resolution, amount of colors, quality coefficient, etc.

This program runs on Windows 7, XP, Vista, 200x, NT, 9x, Linux/wine and all 64 bit editions of Windows.



Multi-language support
This program is multi-lingual, in the sense that everyone can create a version of this program in their own language without programming. To do this simply translate/rewrite the texts (messages) found in the file messages.txt. Currently English/International, French, Danish and Dutch versions are available.

International (english) version: (127 Kb)
French version: (127 Kb)
Dutch version: (127 Kb)
Danish version: (127 Kb)

Scanning Links
A Few Scanning Tips (web site)
alt.comp.periphs.scanner (news group)
comp.periphs.scanners (news group)

About Scan Calculator
Scan Calculator has been created by: for "De Avondschool Oostende".

Usage and distribution
You can use this program for personal and corporate (business, government, non-profit, etc.) purposes.
You can distribute this program on DVD's, CD-Roms, Websites, etc. as long as you do not change the program or download archive, and do not charge any money for the program itself. However, you can charge a nominal fee for distribution costs, materials, etc.
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