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TreePad X Enterprise
384 Gigabyte Personal Information Manager and Word Processor.
Intuitive and versatile, including Website Generator, spellchecker, thesaurus, attachments, search engine, recycle bin, and much more! For Windows and Linux/Wine.
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Free Java IDE's and Compilers
Free Java Object Libraries
Free Java-based Database systems
Free Java Libraries/Frameworks
Free Java Unicode Libraries
Java-to-Executable Compilers
Java Operating-systems
Java Tutorials
Java Resources
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Free Java IDE's and Compilers
EclipseA software development environment for creating Java applications on Linux, Windows, MAC. Other programming languages (C, C++, Cobol, Perl, PHP, Python, Ruby, etc.) are supported through plugins. For click and point Java GUI building the Window Builder Pro plugin is a good choice.
GCJThe GNU Compiler for the Java Programming Language. It can compile: Java source code directly to native machine code, Java source code to Java bytecode (class files), and Java bytecode to native machine code.
JCreator LEJava IDE, which includes: project management, project templates, code-completion, debugger interface, editor with syntax highlighting, wizards and a fully customizable user interface. For Windows. The LE 'lite' version is free.
JikesFreeware, commercial-quality, open source and fast Java compiler. Versions available for Linux, Windows, Solaris/Sparc, AIX, OS/2.
NetBeansWidely accepted, cross-platform Visual IDE For Java. Supports advanced features such as visual component design, code Completion, Java Enterprise Applications. Freeware, open-source.
V IDEIntegrated Development Environment for the GNU g++ compiler, Borland C++ 5.5, and the standard Sun Java Development Kit. Suitable for Windows and Linux.
Free Java Object Libraries
FrontierSuiteFrontierSuite freeware is a persistence framework and O/R mapping tool for storing Java objects in the RDBMS segment.
Standard Widget ToolkitSWT is an open source widget toolkit for Java designed to provide efficient, portable access to the user-interface facilities of the operating systems on which it is implemented.
Free Java-based Database systems
Apache DerbyFreeware, open-source, relational, small-footprint database system which is fully created in Java. Runs on any operating system which has a compatible Java Virtual Machine installed.
H2 Database EngineOpen source Java SQL database engine with embedded, server and cluster modes. Supports standard SQL and the JDBC API.
The author of H2, Thomas Mueller, is also the original developer of Hypersonic SQL (see below). However, H2 is built from scratch to overcome some limitations of Hypersonic SQL / HSQLDB.
HyperSQL - HSQLDBFast, small-footprint relational SQL database system written entirely in Java.
Free Java Libraries/Frameworks
jMusicjMusic is a Java framework for computer-assisted composition, designed to provide composers and software developers with a library of compositional and audio processing tools.
KawaKawa is a framework written in Java for implementing high-level and dynamic languages, compiling them into Java bytecodes. It is also a dialect of Scheme.
Polya LibraryFree Java library containing Lisp-like lists and I/O, including a higher-order function capability and incremental ("infinite") lists to enable rapid prototyping of programs.
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Free Java Unicode Libraries
IBM's ICUThe International Component for Unicode (ICU) is a mature, portable set of C/C++ and Java libraries for Unicode support, software internationalization (I18N) and globalization (G11N), giving applications the same results on all platforms.
Java-to-Executable Compilers
Excelsior JETCompiles your Java program to high performance Intel Pentium code for Windows and Linux. The result is a native executable that is not just easier to deploy, but also works faster and is as resistant to reverse engineering as C++ programs. Trial version available.
Java Exe Makerexe4j allows you to distribute your own private JRE with your application. Trial version available.
Java Operating-systems
JnodeA free, open-source, Java technology based operating system implemented in Java with a very small assembler nano kernel.
Java Tutorials
Eclipse and Java
video tutorials
Free Java/Eclipse video tutorials for absolute beginners with accompanying PDF documents and source code.
Eclipse IDE TutorialInstallation of Eclipse and plug-ins, how to create Java programs using Eclipse, usage of external jars, Eclipse update manager and more.
Thinking in JavaFree Electronic Book on Java programming. Very useful!
Java Resources
Java DownloadsVarious Java downloads: Java SE, Java EE, Java FX, Java ME, etc.
JavaWorldJava news, articles, columns, resources, forums, etc.
javootoo.comThe "Look and Feel" source for both Java developers and end-users.
The Java LobbyThe Java Lobby is a group of people who share a common interest in Java software development and the advancement of Java standards and software. The main purpose of the Java Lobby is to represent the needs and concerns of the Java developer and user community to the companies and organizations who have influence in the evolution of Java.
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Free C++ (and C)
Free C++ IDE's, compilers, libraries, tools, resources and tutorials for Linux/Unix, Windows, MAC, etc.
Free Cross-Platform
Programming Tools
Free programming tools, interpreters and frameworks following the principle 'create once, compile anywhere' or 'create once, run anywhere'. This means that once you have created your program using one of the tools listed on this page, you can compile or run it on multiple platforms without much (if any) adaptation.
Free Web DevelopmentFree Web design and Web development tools. Free scripts, templates, tutorials and other resources. Free and easy-install Web servers (Apache + MySQL + PHP + more) for Linux, Windows, MAC.
Free Website ToolsFree Website templates, clock widgets, counters, Web statistics, polls to put on your site, guest books to put on your site, DNS services, image optimizers and converters, background creation programs, URL forwarding services, site search engines, HTML editors, HTML and link validation tools, tutorials, resources, etc.
Free DatabasesFreeware and open-source SQL database systems, freeware database tools, open-source (SQL) database libraries for Java, C++, Delphi.
Free Basic ProgrammingFree Basic IDE's and Compilers, free Basic Interpreters, tutorials and resources.
Free Assembler
Free tools for the assembler programmer for a variety of platforms and processors.
Free Cobol
Free Cobol compilers, tutorials and resources.
Free Delphi
Free Delphi compilers, components, programming, libraries, tools and resources.
Free Pascal
Free pascal compilers, tutorials, tools and resources.
Free Help File
Free help-file authoring tools and programs to create WinHelp and HTMLHelp files.
Free Programming ToolsFree programming tools for Windows, Linux, etc. Free C++, C, Delphi, Basic, Assembler, Cobol, Pascal, Java, SQL, Databases; links to free compilers, databases, interpreters, IDE's, installers, components, libraries, languages, helpfile generators and more.
Free Unicode and
Programming tools
Free C++, Delphi and Java Unicode Libraries, free fonts and font-engines, free unicode resources and related information.
Free Operating SystemsFree operating systems, such as: Linux, FreeBSD, Windows clones, emulators and much more. Also: interesting alternative commercial operating systems.
Free drivers, dll's,
and bios upgrades
Find your missing system file (dll, vxd, ocx, driver, etc.) or BIOS upgrade, and download it for free.
Free Encryption and
Computer Security
Free file, disk and email encryption software; free password managers, free data wiping tools, firewalls, computer vulnerability tests.
Free File and
Disk Utilities
Disk catalog programs; backup, compression, split and zip programs; disk search engines, disk management utilities, remote file storage services, data recovery tools, data wipe tools, downloadable boot disks and more.
Free System and
Administrator utilities
Free process viewers, system analysis tools, network monitoring tools, registry tools, task schedulers.
Free Home pagesPublish your own Web pages for free! Find the best service to host your home page. Create your Web page without any knowledge of HTML. Free services which enable you to run your own CGI scripts (PHP, ASP, Perl, etc.).
Also check out our free software
for Windows and Linux/wine!
TreePad LiteFree organizer/information manager
exe-eBook CreatorFree eBook compiler
Freebyte BackupFree backup program
Fast File RenamerFree multiple file renaming tool
Custom Addressbook LiteFree addressbook
DisktectiveFree Disk-space reporting tool
HJSplitFreeware file splitters - multiplatform
Harddisk Search and StatsFree search engine for your harddisk
Freebyte ZIPFree zip/unzip program
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If you know of any good free programming tools, like compilers, databases, assemblers/disassemblers, components, libraries, languages, online books, help tools, icons, websites, which are not listed in the Freebyte programming section, please let us know!
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