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Below is a copy of an article on how to use the DOS Cobol 6.50 compiler by James Fidell.


COBOL 6.50

How do I compile my programs ?

It is assumed you have installed COBOL650.ZIP in the directory C:\COBOL650. In INSTALL.DOC you will find some information on running the compiler.

  1. Add C:\COBOL650 to the PATH
  2. Run APPEND on C:\COBOL650 :


    The install.doc contained in refers to a program DPATH.COM to be run instead of APPEND. The DOS program APPEND seems to work too.

  3. Now you can compile your .cob files as explained in install.doc.

    When trying to compile sources in a directory other than that where the compiler is installed, the compiler terminates without an error. This restriction is not documented in install.doc, which is probably a result of using APPEND instead of DPATH.

    The compiler accesses drive A:. You should have a disk in this drive.

Peter Mikalajunas adds :

To avoid the need to use drive A:, you should do the following :

    subst a: c:\cobol650

When you type A: you will drop into the C:\COBOL650 subdirectory. The compiler will behave normally at this point, not constantly searching drive A:.

When you are done with a session do the following :

    subst a: /D

How do I link my objects ?

There is no linker with the COBOL 6.50 compiler. To link objects you need to use the linker from MS-DOS v3.3 or earlier.

Ralf Laemmel adds :

You can use newer linkers, especially from newer Microsoft compiler products, too.

And Peter Mikalajunas has found that :

Tlink compiled with obj files without complaint, but the exe's were useless. What did work was Link version 5.31.009 which comes with Visual Basic for DOS. It compiled all obj files I tried and the exe's ran perfectly.

Clinton G. Downing also reports :

The linker from IBM DOS v2.1 does now work, at least on the PS/2 70. The MS-DOS v3.3 linker works fine, however.

Steve ??? <[email protected]> has reported some success with a linker from the SimTel archives. Look for