Photonizer 2003  release 3.0
Freeware digital photo album for Windows 95/98/ME/NT/2000/XP
New features in version 2003 (release 3.0)

Photonizer 2003 is a small and efficient application for creating your personal photo albums. It runs in Windows 95/98/ME/2000/NT and XP environments.

Creating photo albums
Photo's are in most cases stored in several directories on several disks. Now you can easily create a Photonizer album in which you create a collection of photo's. The next time you open your Photonizer album, you can easily click on an item in the album and the photo is displayed directly on your screen.

Slide Show
After creating a photo album it is not more than a click away to view the photo's in a slide show. And you decide how to slide: by pressing a key, by clicking with the mouse or after some period of time.

Don't want to slide the photo's? Just use the thumbnail features. All photo's on your screen in one window! Scroll to the thumbnail, click on it and the photo will become visible.

Advanced searching
Can't find the photo you are looking for? Just attach some information to the photo upon adding it to the album. Next time you want to view the photo, just use the find feature. Enter some search information and Photonizer will find the photo in a second!

Moving to the internet?
Photonizer 2003 makes it simple for you. Internet publishing features of Photonizer 2003 will generate new directories, html pages and places jpeg-files containing your photo's in those directories.

Future versions
Future versions will have more possibilities, for instance supporting a wide variety of graphical formats and more support for internet publishing.

If you read German, then you definitely should see what the well reputed Photography magazine says about Photonizer!

New features in Photonizer 2003 (release 3.0)
(compared to version 98)
1. Reading of jpeg files has been improved
2. Resizing the Photonizer window will resize all visible fields
3. Loading and saving of thumbnails
4. Each section has its own color
5. The intro window has been left out so you can start directly with the program.
Please note that albums created with photonizer 98 can be used in the new version. No changes have been made to the structure of photonizer data files.
6. Photonizer 2003 (release 3.0) provides much better support now regarding publishing your photos on the internet. Photonizer 2003 generaties html pages offering easier navigation and automatic resizing to smaller images during generation.

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Photonizer 2003 can be downloaded directly from this page. The zip file contains: the program, a readme file and a tutorial with examples.
Download: (809 Kb)

About Photonizer
Photonizer is created by Mathieu van Akkeren, the Netherlands.
Home page:,
eMail: [email protected]

Usage and copyright
You can use this program in any non-commercial setting. This program may not be distributed as a part of a collection of programs. You can not charge any money for the application itself.

Copyright: © 1995-2004, Mathieu van Akkeren.