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384 Gigabyte Personal Information Manager and Word Processor.
Intuitive and versatile, including Website Generator, spellchecker, thesaurus, attachments, search engine, recycle bin, and much more! For Windows and Linux/Wine.
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Free Linux Operating Systems
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Non free Linux operating systems
Linux on ARM
Linux Desktops
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Free Linux Operating Systems
aLinuxLinux distribution geared towards Office/multimedia use.
blagBased on Fedora.
Cooperative LinuxCoLinux enables one to run Linux inside Microsoft Windows. It is a port of the Linux kernel that allows it to run cooperatively alongside another operating system on a single machine. For instance, it allows one to freely run Linux inside Windows 2000/XP, without using a commercial PC virtualization software such as VMware, in a way which is much more optimal than using any general purpose PC virtualization software.
DebianDownload Debian for free or Purchase the complete set of Debian CDs from your local Debian dealer
DragoraAn independent Linux distribution based on simplicity.
Dynebolic.orgGeared towards audio and video editing.
EasyPeasyA Linux distribution especially designed for Netbooks.
FedoraFree Linux operating system created by Red Hat. You can run it directly from CD to try it out, before installing it. It integrates with the SeLinux security system developed by the National Security Agency. This may be a recommendation, or exactly the opposite, depending on your point of view.
gNewSenseBased on Debian and Ubuntu.
KubuntuAn official derivative of Ubuntu Linux that uses the KDE graphical environment instead of Unity. Recommended for end-users.
LubuntuA faster, more lightweight and energy saving variant of Ubuntu geared toward low-memory computers (like having 128 Mb of RAM or so). You can also run it directly from DVD without installing it. During install you should enable the options to download/install updates and third party software to ensure that you can play flash, windows media and other formats.
Mandriva LinuxA Linux distribution that is available for 32bit PC, PowerPC (MAC), and 64 bit processors such as Intel Itanium and AMD Opteron. It includes many graphical administration assistants & wizards that make it intuitive and fun to use while providing all the power and robustness of other Linux systems.
MintUbuntu-based distribution. We can recommended the XFCE version for end-users. You can try it out without installing anything.
MusixBased on Knoppix. Geared towards audio production.
openSUSERecommended for end-users. Aims to be complete and easy to use. You can try it out without installing it.
ParabolaBased on Arch Linux, focusing on simple package and system management.
PardusLinux-based operating system developed by the Turkey Scientific and Technical Research Association. You can use it both in Turkish and English.
Puppy LinuxSmall Linux distribution, only 60mb in size. Can boot from CD, USB disk and run inside Windows or standalone.
Qubes OSUses security domains implemented as lightweight Virtual Machines (or AppVMs). The AppVms are based on Linux. Each AppVM behaves like a local machine. The AppVMs are isolated from each other except for secure copy/paste and file sharing. There are plans to integrate Qubes OS with Intel TXT which unfortunately comes with the extremely scary vPro technology.
SlackWareDownload Slackware for free or order the CD-Rom set from the Slackware store.
A special edition of Slackware Linux, called ZipSlack can be installed on the same drive (or partition) as Windows. It just needs a FAT (or FAT32) harddisk with about 100 MB of extra free disk space.
BigSlack is more complete than ZipSlack, and can also be installed on a FAT (or FAT32) harddisk. BigSlack needs about 850 Mb of extra free disk space.
Tiny LinuxTiny Linux is a small Linux distribution designed especially for old recycled computers.
Trisquel.infoBased on Ubuntu.
UbuntuOne of the most famous Linux distributions. We would have wholeheartedly recommended Ubuntu, were it not for the horrible Unity desktop.
Ubuntu StudioBased on Ubuntu but uses the XFCE desktop. We tested it and can recommend it for end-users. You can try it out without installing it.
While primarily aimed at audio, video and graphics production, it is very suitable for general use as well.
To be able to play video DVDs you need to install the package libdvdcss2.
Ututo XSBased on Gentoo.
VectorLinuxLightweight Linux editions. The Light version of VectorLinux version will run on a Pentium 166 with 64 Mb ram. The standard edition needs no more than a Pentium 200 and 96 Mb of ram.
XubuntuA version of Ubuntu based on the lightweight Xfce graphical desktop (instead of the Unity desktop). You can also run it directly from DVD without installing it. During install you should enable the options to download/install updates and third party software to ensure that you can play flash, windows media and other formats.
Ylmf OSA Ubuntu-based Linux operating system with a Windows XP user-interface.
ZevenOSLinux with a BeOS touch. Geared towards multimedia use. Has the XFCE desktop. Based on Xubuntu and compatible with the Ubuntu repositories.
Live distributions
Live distributions can run directly from CD/DVD or USB stick without installing anything. These CDs/DVDs are usually offered for download as an ISO-file which can burnt onto a physical CD/DVD using a CD burning program.
Debian LiveA version of Debian which does not need to be installed. It directly runs from a DVD, CD or USB stick.
KnoppixLive Linux CD based on Debian. Knoppix is one of the first operating systems which could run directly from a CD or DVD. It can also be installed on your hard disk. LiveCDsThe LiveCD section on
Live CD listWikipedia's extensive list of live CDs, not only Linux but also BSD, Windows-based, DOS-based and others.
The LiveCD listHuge list of Linux live distributions reverse-sorted on date (newest first).
SlaxLive CD - only 220 Mb in size.
Tools for creating Live USB systemsWikipedia's list of utilities to create USB sticks containing live (bootable) operating systems.
Non free Linux operating systems
SuSE Linux EnterpriseNon-free business Linux editions including support by phone.
RedHatNon-free Linux editions for server computers, sold by annual subscription. It integrates with the SeLinux security system developed by the National Security Agency. This may be a recommendation, or exactly the opposite, depending on your point of view.
XandrosNon-free Linux distribution which offers Windows-compatibility. See also here.
Linux on ARM
Arch Linux ARMLinux distribution for ARM processors.
Single-board Linux/ARM computers, mainly for developers,
CubieboardSmall cheap ($ 49) single-board ARM computer which can run Ubuntu, Android and other Linux distributions.
LinaroLinux distribution for ARM processors.
Raspberry PiExtremely low-cost Linux computer, using the ARM microprocessor.
Trim-SliceUltra low power Linux computer which uses an ARM processor. It is suitable for end-users.
Linux Desktops
CinnamonLinux desktop environment following the Gnome 2 philosophy. Used in Linux Mint.
KDEWell known desktop environment for Linux. It is used in SUSE as well as Kubuntu.
LXDEA fast, lightweight and energy saving desktop environment for Linux and BSD. It consumes even less energy to run than XFCE.
MateA Linux desktop environment which forked from Gnome 2.
Razor-qtA lightweight desktop also suitable for older machines.
XFCEA fast, lightweight desktop environment for Linux, Solaris and BSD. Recommended!
Online education
LinuxCBT.comOnline computer-based training: Linux, security, Perl, Python, PHP, Ruby, Bash, RegEx, Awk, KornShell, SendMail, qmail, Postfix, MySQL, PostgreSQL, DBMS, IPv6, IPv4, Samba, OpenLDAP and more. $ 99.00 per month.
StaffkitLow-cost, high-quality online courses (usually including certificate) on: Linux, programming, Web design, desktop computing, health and safety, business skills and more.
LPI Linux CertificationFree online book which covers all three levels of LPI certification:
  * Level 1: Junior Level Linux Professional
  * Level 2: Advanced Level Linux Professional
  * Level 3: Senior Level Linux Professional.
O'Reilly School of TechnologyHigh quality (and extremely practical) online programming, database and system administration courses: Linux, Perl, Java, MySQL, PHP, XML, Python, Android, HTML, Ajax, Javascript, C, C# and more. Prices are very reasonable. After completing a course or program you will receive a Certificate from the University of Illinois.
Online communities
Linux News and forumsJustLinux (forums) (news)
Freecode (news)
Desktop Linux (news)
LinuxQuestions.orgLinux support forums where Linux newbies can ask questions and Linux experts can offer advice. Topics include security, installation, networking and much more.
Linux Software
Most Linux distributions have a graphical package manager where you can search for, download and install software just by selecting it. For additional software, you need to search the Web, you can also consult one of the sites in this section.
FreecodeA large index of Linux, Unix and cross-platform software and mobile applications.
HJSplit for LinuxA freeware file splitter for Linux with full graphical user-interface. It supports file sizes of over 100 Gigabytes, split, join/recombine, MD5 checksums, file-compare, "run without install" and the program is fully portable.
Created by
Linux downloadA large collection of Linux software organized by category.
Linux ISO
Knoppix mirrors

These sites offer free Linux ISO-images for download. An ISO is an exact image of a CD, that can be burned again into a disc to create an exact copy of the original CD.
See also:
Downloading Linux.
Burning a Linux ISO image.

Linuxsoft.czA searchable Linux software directory in English and Czech.
Free software downloads for Linux.
TreePad Lite for LinuxA freeware personal information manager designed specifically to run on Linux. It supports Unicode, multiple editor windows, is fully portable, and does not need to be installed.
Created by

ARMdevices.netNews related to ARM systems, Linux, Android.
DistrowatchNews related to updates of Linux and BSD distributions.
The Hungry PenguinLinux and open source news and reviews.
Linux JournalMonthly magazine of the Linux community since 1994.
Linux on ARMNews related to Linux on ARM.
Linux.comLinux news, articles, tutorials, FAQ and more.
Linux.orgLinux news and information.
Support and Tutorials
Linux Kernel NewbiesFor those who want to learn more about Linux fundementals.
EmperorLinux Inc.Laptops with Linux pre-installed.
Garlach44Laptops with Linux pre-installed.
Linux-Laptop.netRunning Linux on Laptops.
Los Alamos ComputersLenovo ThinkPad with Linux preinstalled.
InaTux ComputersDesktop systems with Linux pre-installed.
Linux Pre-loadedA list of vendors which sell computers pre-installed with Linux.
Puget systemsDesktops, laptops and servers with Linux installed.
System76Desktops, laptops and servers with Ubuntu installed.
ThinkPenguin.comDesktop computers and Laptops with Linux preinstalled.
Migrating to Linux
CrossOverCrossOver enables you to install many popular Windows applications and games on your Linux computer. The price is around $ 50 (US dollar) and it does not require you to have a Windows license. Crossover is an enhanced version of Wine (see below). There is also a version for MAC.
WineWine allows you to run quite a number of Windows applications on Linux (without the need to pay for a Windows license or using a virtual machine - it is fully legal). Wine usually is part of your Linux system, or it can be easily installed using your package manager.
Migrating to
desktop Linux
Free eBook in PDF format aimed at assisting organizations interested in migrating desktop PCs to Linux.
The goal of this eBook is to provide a technical planning reference for IT organizations large or small that are now considering a migration to Linux-based personal computers.
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Free C++
Free C++ IDE's, compilers, libraries, tools, resources and tutorials for Linux/Unix, Windows, MAC, etc.
Free Cross-Platform
Programming Tools
Free programming tools, interpreters and frameworks following the principle 'create once, compile anywhere' or 'create once, run anywhere'. This means that once you have created your program using one of the tools listed on this page, you can compile or run it on multiple platforms without much (if any) adaptation.
Free Programming ToolsFree programming tools for Windows, Linux, etc. Free C++, C, Delphi, Basic, Assembler, Cobol, Pascal, Java, SQL, Databases; links to free compilers, databases, interpreters, IDE's, installers, components, libraries, languages, helpfile generators and more.
Free Anti-Virus SoftwareFree and non-free anti-virus software, free firewalls, free email protection software, free virus prevention software, tests of anti-virus programs, links to specialized anti-virus sites, information about virus prevention, useful evaluation versions of anti-virus software, etc..
Free Anti-SpywareFree utilities to detect and remove spyware.
Free Office SoftwareFree office suites, word processors, desktop publishing, text editors, personal databases, diagram software, presentation programs, fonts, document viewers, PDF utilities, thesauri, spellcheckers, document converters, etc.
Free ComputersFree used and recycled computers, mostly for schools, non-profit organizations and disadvantaged individuals.
Free File and Disk utilitiesVarious file and disk utilities.
Free Software
created by Freebyte
Free Personal Information Managers, free File and Disk Utilities, free Address Books, free eBook Software and more. All created by
Free System and
Administrator utilities
Free process viewers, system analysis tools, network monitoring tools, registry tools, task schedulers.
Free Technical SupportFree technical support for all computer-related issues: Hardware, software, PC, Windows, MAC, PDAs, Linux, drivers, Modems, dll's, virus.
Free Electronics on-lineFree PCB Design Tools, Circuit Design/Simulation Tools, Free Electronic Circuits, Connector and Pinout reference, Datasheets, Electronics Tutorials, Free Electronics Resources, etc.
Also check out our free software
for Windows and Linux/wine!
TreePad LiteFree organizer/information manager
exe-eBook CreatorFree eBook compiler
Freebyte BackupFree backup program
Fast File RenamerFree multiple file renaming tool
Custom Addressbook LiteFree addressbook
DisktectiveFree Disk-space reporting tool
HJSplitFreeware file splitters - multiplatform
Harddisk Search and StatsFree search engine for your harddisk
Freebyte ZIPFree zip/unzip program
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