Music Player manual
Program home page:⁄music_player
Version of this manual: Jan-21-2011
This manual covers Music Player version 1.0
Copyright: 2010 - 2011
Credits: the tools used to create the software + documentation can be found here.
Program description: Music Player by is a freeware program for Linux (32-bit and 64-bit) to play music files (of type MP3, WAV, OGG and AIFF). Music Player does not need to be installed and is fully portable. See also Installation and portability.
Abbreviated license for program usage: Music Player by is freeware for personal and corporate (business, government, non-profit, etc.) use. In other words: you can use the program in a personal, corporate, government or non-profit setting without any costs.
Abbreviated license for program distribution: You may freely distribute copies of the program, in its original format, so long as you do not charge more than a nominal fee to cover the cost of materials (DVD's, CD's, bandwidth, Webspace, etc.). You may not in any way change the original distribution file, except to package it within another archive if necessary.
Full end user license agreement: Eula
Supported platforms: Linux 32-bit and Linux 64-bit (x86 and x86-64)
Music Player home page:⁄music_player
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Installation and portability
Using Music Player
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