Music Player
Current version: 1.0
January 25, 2011

Music Player by is a freeware music player designed for Linux. It supports MP3, Wav, OGG and AIFF files.

Music Player does not need to be installed and it is fully portable (it can run directly off a USB stick).



To download Music Player for Linux (version: 1.0, size: 1 Mb), just use one of these links:

Music Player is fully compatible with Ubuntu and most other Linux distributions, more information can be found here.
The program also is compatible with Linux 64 bit, with the following notes.

Zero install
The program does not need to be installed. Just extract the files from the .tar.gz archive into a directory of your choice and start the program from there. You might need to adjust the program's file permissions to 'executable'.

Music Player is fully portable because it has no need for installation. Therefore, instead of copying it to your main drive, you can just as well copy the program to a USB stick and start it directly from there (you might need to adjust the executable file permission of the program).

Notes for Linux distributions other than Ubuntu
This program has been developed and tested extensively on Ubuntu 8.x and 10.x (32-bit and 64-bit) inside a virtual machine and also directly on a hardware computer system. Obviously, we cannot promise that this program will run flawlessly on ALL possible Linux distributions since there are many differences between them. It is important to realize that some Linux distributions (by default) are not configured very well for real-time multi-media playback. They might - for instance - not allow Music Player to increase the priority of its output process while this is important for uninterrupted playback.

Notes for Linux 64-bit
Since Music Player is a 32 bit program - when running it on 64-bit Linux you need to have the standard 32-bit libraries ia32-libs installed (usually these libraries are present, but if not than they can be easily obtained through your package manager).

Online manual
For the online HTML manual, just click here and the manual will open in your Webbrowser. You can also click Menu: Help/Manual/Online manual from inside the Music Player program.

Downloadable manual
The downloadable version of the HTML manual (309 Kb) can be obtained from one of these links:

After download, extract the contents of fbmusicplayer_manual.tar.gz into a directory of your choice (while preserving the folder structure, important!!). Then double click on the file index.html which will open the manual inside your Web browser.

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About Music Player
Music Player for Linux has been created by using Lazarus/Free Pascal on Ubuntu.
The HTML manual has been created using TreePad Business Edition on Ubuntu and Wine.
© 2010 - 2011

License for usage
Music Player by is freeware for personal and corporate (business, government, non-profit, etc.) use.

Distribution license
You can distribute this program on CD-Roms, DVD's, internet sites, etc. provided you do not ask any money for the program itself. You can charge a nominal fee for distribution costs and materials (DVD's etc.).
You are also not allowed to change the content of the download archive package (zip file) nor change any of the files contained inside the download archive package (zip file).
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