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MP3 Files online
Better PropagandaFree and legal MP3's.
eClassical.comGood classical MP3's for very reasonable prices.
eMusic.comDownload up to 24 mp3 tracks for $11.99 per month - no DRM, from independent labels, artists and some of the major labels.
MagnatuneDownload and/or listen to an unlimited number of music tracks made by independent musicians. $ 15 per month subscription fee.
mfiles classical mp3 filesFree classical MP3 files: Bach, Beethoven, etc.
MP3 4UFree and legal MP3 downloads.
mTraksYou can download 30 tracks for $9.99 per month, DRM-free, from independent artists and labels.
MusopenPublic domain mp3's and sheet music, mainly classical. The music is copyright-free, and can be downloaded free of charge (legally). Since it is public domain it can even be used in movies, slideshows, on Websites, etc. without paying royalties.
Open Music ArchiveArchive of out-of-copyright music and sound recordings.
Public Domain 4ULegally free (public-domain) MP3 files for download.
WIPROZ100% free MP3 music server with downloads and hosting, 24/7 radio streams, daily music history, techno trance music radio, chat, news.
ZQWAX.COMLegal and free mp3 music for download. Listen to music and download songs in different music genres as pop, rock, hard rock, rnb, soul, hardcore, techno, goa, trance hard trance, progressive trance, euro trance, euro dance, house, jungle, breakbeat, hip hop and rap + dj sets and more.
Free Music Videos
YameloArchive of free online pop music videos from 1960 to now.
Free Music Games
Layton Music:
Free Games and Resources
Free music games and resources for teachers and students to download, print, and use.
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Free Music Lessons
101 Free Piano
lessons online
Two years of weekly piano lessons online absolutely free.
1234DrumsFree downloadable video drum lessons.
8notes.comFree classical & traditional sheet music, free popular and jazz riffs, free music lessons, free music resources.
Berklee SharesFreely downloadable music lessons in PDF format, by faculty members of the Berklee College of Music for various instruments.
Bruce Arnold’s
Music Workshop
Educational site for instrumentalists interested in building their overall musician-ship, technique and improving their understanding of improvisational concepts.
Cyberfret.comFree online guitar lessons.
Drum Lessons
Database of over 400 drum lessons available online for free.
Electric Blues ClubFree music lessons and tutorials for beginners to advanced musicians, links to online lessons and NEW music software viewlet tutorials for anyone venturing into streaming media and recording.
Free Music
Education Center
Complete lessons on piano, guitar, songwriting and composing plus special section on vocals, musical instruments explained, chord dictionary, music dictionary, transposition guide, midi archive, etc.
Free online piano
Piano Lessons - for the beginner's level are hands-on, self-paced, interactive, and totally Free. Piano lessons are for both the beginning piano student and the student who wants to review their skills.
Free Piano Lessons
for Free Spirits!
Lots of free piano-related things: free online piano tutorials, piano notes, chords, jazz chords, piano technique, free piano sheet music, music theory & history, 'how to buy a piano', piano links, e-zine, etc.
Get Piano Lessons.comGet Piano is a fun, easy and free online piano lesson course that focuses on the mechanics of good keyboard playing without all the complicated musical terms. No note reading required.
Guitar DepotFree guitar lessons, online guitar tuners, guitar history, and more.
Guitar NoiseFree online guitar lessons.
Learning Guitar:
Beginners Lessons
A series of video lessons, designed to teach even the most inexperienced guitar player the basics and eventually more advanced techniques. Recommended!
morphis.comFree step by step beginner guitar lessons that feature downloadable audio and video files.
Musictheory.netFree online music theory lessons.
The Piano
Education Page
One-stop resource for teachers, students, parents of students, and fans of the piano with over 600 pages of free information, upgraded monthly.
Get tips on learning to play the piano, including getting the right kind of piano lessons and piano teacher for you read unbiased reviews of music software and other learning materials, check out over 600 links to other piano or music-related areas of the net, find out about upcoming competitions, read interviews with noteworthy artists and educators, listen to over 600 pieces of solo piano music, read a special page for teachers of piano filled with tips and ideas, quickly search the whole site for answers to specific questions, participate in online discussions with other teachers parents and students, etc. etc.
Piano Lessons
with Master Teachers
"Piano Lessons from Master Teachers". Rare historical book of music lessons from 30 legendary concert pianists. Freely available online.
PianoNanny.comFree online piano lessons including Jazz.
Free Samples, Sounds & Effects
ccMixterA community music site featuring remixes licensed under Creative Commons where you can listen to, sample, mash-up, or interact with music in whatever way you want.
FindSoundsSearch the Web for free sound effects and free musical instrument samples.
FreesoundA huge collaborative database of free audio snippets, sound effects, loops, samples and recordings (not songs).
iBeat.orgFree beats, loops, fills and samples in wave file format.
Loopsound.comFree music loops and sound effects for webmasters, game developers and film makers. Download Royalty free music instantly via e-mail. Also, Sound and html tutorials for web page background music.
OpsoundDownload, share and remix free samples and music.
SoundFilesOnlineFree & royalty-free sound samples which you can use in your projects.
Soundsnap.comFree sound effects and loops.
Free Midi files
FindMidisMidi files organized alphabetically by artist.
James Pitt-Payne's
Midi Website
Thousands of Midi files (Ragtime, Jazz, etc.) free to download.
Kunst der FugeExtremely large collection of free midi files.
mfiles Classical midisClassical midi files.
mfiles Original midisMidi files created by the original composers.
MIDI DatabaseVery large database of midi files.
MIDI ExplorerSearch engine for midi files.
MidiCenter.comMidi files organized alphabetically.
MidipediaMore than 1600 songs and pieces in midi format to download in more than 13 different styles.
Music for PianosFree classical and jazz piano midi files as well as over 200 personally edited piano roll midi files.
Ragtime pressFree ragtime midi files.
Roll ScanningListing of scanned piano rolls (converted to midi files).
The Classical
Midi Connection
Thousands of classical MIDI Files (and some MP3 files) organized by music period and composer.
Warren Trachtman's
Ragtime MIDI Website
Ragtime piano pieces by Scott Joplin, James Scott, Joseph Lamb, Jelly-Roll Morton, Eubie Blake, and others.
Free Sheet Music
Art Song CentralFree printable sheet music for singers and voice teachers.
Choral Public
Domain Library
Free choral sheet music, also texts, translations, and information on composers.
Find Free Sheet MusicLinks to free and non-free sheet music; also: links to lessons, tips, and articles.
Free Piano Sheet
Music: Popular
Free piano sheet music from popular music.
Free Sheet MusicCollection of free sheet music for download. Links to other sheet music databases.
Free Sheet Music GuideFree and non-free sheet music.
International Music Score
Library Project
A virtual library containing many public domain musical scores, as well as scores from composers who are willing to share their music with the world without charge.
mfiles - free sheet musicFree classical sheet music in GIF or PDF format.
Mutopia ProjectA place where music is free for everyone! Download it, print it out, and share it. Mutopia is similar in spirit to Project Gutenberg, but consists of free sheet music.
Piano SocietyFree classical sheet-music for piano and piano mp3's.
Quatre-Mains.netFree sheet music for piano four hands. Classical and folk music.
Rag's RagRecommended! More than 70 free ragtime piano sheet music scores and accompanying mp3 files, which you can play in your browser or download.
RowyNetA large selection of free classical sheet music for solo musical instruments.
SheetMusicFox.comExcellent site with lots of free public domain sheet music. Recommended!
StarmoleFree classical sheet music.
Violin Sheet MusicFree downloads of violin music in PDF format, both original music and transcriptions of classical music.
Free Blank music paper
BlankSheetMusic.netPrint blank sheet music for free using your Web browser, supports clefs, guitar and bass tabs too.
Free Blank Sheet MusicBlank sheet music templates in PDF format for various instruments and ensembles. Includes tablature templates for guitar and other stringed instruments.
Music Notation
Staff Paper PDF Generator
Highly configurable PDF generator for blank music paper (no clefs though).
Music paperA selection of blank music papers in PostScript and PDF formats.
music-paper.comOver 100 different PDFs of free blank staff paper, featuring a wide variety of staff sizes and staves per page.
StudyBass Music PaperFree blank music paper PDF's for download: 4-string bass tab paper, 5-string bass tab paper, 6-string bass tab paper, blank staff paper, grand staff (piano) paper, guitar tab paper, etc.
Music images
Linkware Music ImagesMusic graphics and images.
Musical-Clipart.comMusic related symbols, clipart and images.
Music and Audio Search Engines
midomiSearch for music by singing or humming. All you need is a microphone.
FindSoundsSearch the Web for free sound effects and free musical instrument samples.
Music and Electronics
E-Music DIY ArchiveSchematics, manuals, reference, information related to electronic music.
Synthesizer Schematics
Various synthesizer-related schematics.
Synth DIYSite dedicated to synthesizers and do-it-yourself synthesizer building.
Synthesizer DIY pagesFree electronics cicuits for analog synthesizers, such as: VCO's, VCA's, filters, a noise generator, ADSR envelope generators, etc.
TreePad X Enterprise
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Other Music-related Sites
The Violin SiteVery useful violin resources for students, teachers and performers, such as: midi files to improve practicing time, violin teacher directory, violin pedagogy resources, free violin sheet music, violin making and much more. Recommended!
Bob Keller's Jazz PageLots of links related to listening, learning and playing Jazz.
Classical NetLots of information related to classical music: composer index, links to other classical music sites, CD reviews, etc.
Downhill BattleNon-profit organization working to support participatory culture and build a fairer music industry.
Notes and SymbolsLots of images related to music. The navigation links to other sections are on the bottom of the page.
Piano World1000 pages of facts, figures, fun, forums, games, pictures, reviews, and reference material related to pianos.
Songstuff.comA free songwriting and music resource for both fans and musicians
The Woodwind
Fingering Guide
Fingering charts for various woodwind instruments, including: Clarinet, Recorder, Flute, Piccolo, Saxophone, etc.
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