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Win prizes, without spending any money!
Free lotteries, sweepstakes, trivia quizzes, online games, and more. Prizes range from $100 to more than $1,000,000; also: cars, vacations, stereo's, tv's, cruises, etc. etc.

Win prizes with:
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* Free Sweepstakes
* Free Online games
* Free trivia quizzes
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Some of these sites only send you
your prize if you are a resident of
the USA or Canada.

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QuickSweep Hundreds of sweepstakes you can enter for free. You can browse them by category or search for the prize you want to win. New users are automatically entered to win a computer, digital camera or cash.
1st Enter for free and win: cash, vacations, cars, computers, jewelry, radios, TV's, stereos, DVD's, etc. Free lotteries (win $3,000,000), free games (win cash prizes).
LEarn & Earn
Computer trivia Play these free computer/Internet trivia games and win $100.
Health trivia Boost your knowledge of health and fitness and win cash prizes by playing these web health and fitness games. There is a new quiz every day.
Games to win prizes
Free online games. Available: arcade, cards, puzzle, trivia, skill stop. Each time you play, you win 'credits'. Credits can be converted to goods and services, like pizza's or movie tickets.
CashWars CashWars is a competitive game that allows users to 'steal' money from other users. Free to enter, it won't cost you any money, and you can win several great prizes.
Free lotto Win large cash prizes by playing this free lotto online. Prizes can vary from $10,000 to $1,000,000 Free online lotto, you can win $100,000. The drawings are every Wednesday and Saturday.
GiantRewards You can win prizes by [1] playing games, [2] subscribing as a member, and [3] online shopping, at your choice. Prizes vary from $200,000 Cash, to Western Caribbean cruises and Disney Holidays.
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Free Games Free games just for fun, not to win prizes: arcade games, virtual pets, live online chess, poker, games networks, online games, golf, horse racing, bingo, card games, phantasy role playing games, educational games, etc.
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