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Do you have a HomePage? Why not let your visitors and friends know that you like . Support Freebyte, and place a link to on your WebPage! In this section, there is a wide variety of banners and buttons for you to choose from.

Here is how you link to us:
just choose an image from the ones listed below, right-click on the image and save it to your harddisk. Then, incorporate the image into your home page using your favorite HTML editor. Note: please do not link directly to the images you find on since their Web location (URL) might change in the future.
Office and desktop
Software and utilities
System and computer
Internet and communication
Technology, science
Music & art
Business and Finance


Freebyte logo, 227 x 227, 5 Kb

Freebyte logo, 110 x 113, 3 Kb

Freebyte logo, 64 x 64, 2 Kb


Freebyte banners, 400 x 40, 6 Kb

    Freebyte logo, 120 x 60, 6 Kb
    Freebyte logo, 230 x 120, 16 Kb

Freebyte logo 477 x 248, 15 Kb

Freebyte banners, 400 x 40, 6 Kb

Animated Freebyte button, 88 x 31, 2 Kb

Freebyte banners, 400 x 40, 6 Kb

Freebyte banner, 300 x 105, 45 Kb

Instead of a banner you can also use a text link. Just copy this link (from the text-box directly below) and paste it into your website:

It will look similar to this: Your Guide to Free Software and the Internet
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