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Hi folks!

I am Dennis and I like cows. On this page I have collected a large number of jokes, cows, cartoons, comics, pigs and other stuff I think you will enjoy.
I can not do anymore without these jokes, and I am sure that very soon neither can you. I also love Microsoft bashing and the exercise of doing this keeps me fit as well. Just keep it up 15 minutes a day on and you will notice the difference!
If I have offended any lawyers on this page, just keep in mind that without you lovely folks there would be no lawyer jokes. Then where would we be?
I also appreciate some feedback on my good looks. Do you like my ears?

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About this page
Office and desktop
Software and utilities
System and computer
Internet and communication
Technology, science
Music & art
Business and Finance
News satire
Borowitz ReportOne 250-word news satire every weekday.
The Daily ShowThe official Website of the Daily Show - online videos from an American late night satirical television program.
Lawyer Jokes
Five thousand dollars
A good way to die
One hundred dollars
An old profession
Keen questions
Philosophy Jokes
Philosophical questions
Philosophical answers
What's success?
Why did the chicken...?
Get Organized and download TreePad

Technology Jokes
Boyle's Law
Engineers vs. business
General Failure
Software upgrade notice
Technology for country folk
Prehistoric Techsupport
Caricature Zone
National Caricaturist Network
Cartoons, comics
Comic Zone
Dilbert Blog
Henry Payne
Mad Magazine
Rudi Park
Snoopy / Peanuts
Strange Breed
Funny videos
Glove and BootsHilarious puppets - like the Muppets but not like the Muppets. Worth watching!
eBaum's WorldPortal. Funny videos, jokes, funny pictures, flash games, banned videos.
Microsoft Bashing
Ex-Iraqi minister works for Microsoft
One good feature in Windows
Microsoft Linux
Bill Gates Unmasked
Bill's afterlife
End of the earth
Microsoft strategy in C
Microsoft Y2000
Star Trek
Windows 95 definition
Windows users
Various Stuff
Bad day
Laundry instructions
Machine room
New Year's Resolution Generator
Sexy thing...
Solar Death Ray
Some great ideas for bumper stickers
Two Italian men
Useful facts
Useful phrases at work
Your date for today
Screensavers with Cartoons
Garfield screensaversThree Garfield screensavers for Windows and MAC, freeware.
Dutch (Nederlands-talig)
Bert Visscher
Freek de Jonge
Frustratief worden bij Ikeja
NL Instituut voor de
toevallige voorbijganger
AKA Gebroeders van Es

Groep Galjaart
Guust Flater
Humor begint hier
Humor TV
Moppen voor kinderen
Theo Maassen
van Kooten en de Bie homepage
Other Jokes Resources
Funny Mail
MieNet's Daily Humor and Jokes
MieNet's Useless Information
The Jackalope Conspiracy
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Jokes wanted!
If you know any jokes, cartoons or sites you find hilarious, please send them to me!. If I think they are really funny, I'll place them.
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Almere, the Netherlands

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