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TreePad X Enterprise
384 Gigabyte Personal Information Manager and Word Processor.
Intuitive and versatile, including Website Generator, spellchecker, thesaurus, attachments, search engine, recycle bin, and much more! For Windows and Linux/Wine.
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Free Webspace
Free forum hosting
Free Blog Hosting
Low-cost Web space
Free and non-free HTML editors
Free Image Hosting
Free Remote File Storage/Sharing/Backup
Non-free Remote File Storage/Sharing
Free Adult WebSpace
URL forwarding
Domain parking
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This section of is devoted to free Webspace providers - sites which give away free homepages.
Of course there are practical limitations on the size of your site. This can range from 100 Kb, 10 Mb, 100 Mb to the theoretical 'unlimited'.
Some free sites even offer you to upload your own CGI scripts. CGI is a way of dynamically creating HTML pages or gathering information using scripts which are executed on the Web-server.

Sites which offer CGI (meaning you can write your own PHP, Perl, ASP, etc. scripts) get the CGI logo:

Sites which do not display banners or advertisements on YOUR homepage get this logo:

Warning: not all sites will continue their service indefinitely. Many sites are displaying annoying popup Windows for advertisement, some sites are very slow or have severe limitations in several areas. You should be aware that on most sites there are practical limits, like traffic limits, commercial limits or content limits. Carefully read the site's policies / licence agreement page if you're not sure.

Free Webspace
#1 ColonyFree ad-supported Webhosting. 50 Mb.
250Free.comFree ad-supported 250 Mb Webspace, 250 Mb transfer per month, FTP access.
50Megs.com50 Mb free Web space. The non-free packages offer more space and features.

Free 300 mb, MySQL, PHP, FTP, POP email, Web email, control panel, Website builder, 6 domains can be hosted, and 6 sub-domains for hosted each domain.

Free Webhosting with 500 Mb disk space, 5 Gb data transfer per month, PHP, CGI, mySQL, Pop email, webmail, and no ads.
AngelFire20 Mb of space, 1 Gb traffic per month, statistics. Visitors will see a popup ad when entering your site.

The free hosting account offers: 250MB Disk Space, 5GB monthly traffic, 1 domain Hosting, FTP, PHP, Perl/CGI-BIN, 1 MySQL Database, 1 email address (SMTP, POP, Webmail), spam filter, etc.
Blockstar50 MB free web-space, 1 GB monthly bandwidth, domain name hosting and an online website builder.
Bravenet.comFree Webspace: ad supported, 5Mb disk space, 1.5 Gb bandwidth per month, FTP, online file manager, MySQL databases, control panel, PHP.
DoteasyFree 100 MB storage, 1 Gb monthly transfer, 10 email accounts, hosting for 10 domains, statistics, FTP, site designer tool.
Fortune CityFree 1 Gb web storage, FTP, blog builder, ad supported.
FreeHomepage.comFor free you get: 50 Mb Webspace, 1 Gb traffic per month. Visitors entering your site will see a banner or popup ad. There is a 250 Kb limit to the size of your files.
FreeServers50 Mb free ad-supported Webspace, 256 Kb file size limit, page building tools, email forwarding.
FreewebspaceFree 50 Mb ad-supported Webspace, 1 Gb traffic per month, 250 Kb file size limit, 3 email accounts.
Free hosting service that allows 250 Mb disk space, 10 Gb traffic per month, CGI, PHP, Perl, Python, and MySQL, control panel, advertisement-free. To qualify for this free hosting service, you must post on their forum regularly.
Gumpage.comFree webspace builder to publish a collection of links.
Tripod (Lycos)The free hosting plan offers 20Mb storage, 1Gb bandwidth, CGI/Perl, tools to build a web site, create a blog, and manage files; your Website's visitors will see banner ads and popup ads.
WarnerBrosFree service by AOL/Time-Warner. Web builder, movie-based web templates about, TV and cartoon characters and over 5,000 free clipart images.
WebsFree webspace with professional-looking templates.
WebSpawnerOffers an automatic Web page creation form you have to fill in. Easy Webservice, but limited in options and storage.
Get Organized and download TreePad

Free forum hosting
ProBoardsFree customizable forum hosting with unlimited categories, boards, members, topics, posts, and bandwidth.
Free Blog Hosting
BloggerFree blogging service owned by Google. It supports text, photos, polls, slideshows, link lists, mobile phone access. You can also change colors and fonts, use templates or edit the HTML directly.
BlogsomeA free blog hosting site which includes themes, templates, photos, plugins, etc.
LiveJournal"You can use LiveJournal in many ways: a private journal, a blog, a discussion forum or a social network."
WordPressFree blog service with a WYSIWYG editor, spell check, statistics, themes, protection against spammers, import from other blogs.
Low-cost Web space
The low-cost Webspace providers listed here usually offer a more professional level of service compared to the free Webspace providers: no banners, no annoying popup windows, support by email, fast Web site response time, low Web site down time, good FTP access, etc. etc.
ix Webhosting
Lunar pages
Free and non-free HTML editors
1st Page 2000Free HTML editor for Windows.
ArachnophiliaFreeware HTML editor. Since it has been created in Java it runs on almost any operating system.
Cobalt Web BuilderCobalt Web Builder is ANOTHER WAY of authoring HTML documents than WYSIWYG editors or simple text editors. The software uses TEMPLATE and SUBSTITUTION, which helps editing web document EASY and QUICK, especially when using CSS and JAVASCRIPT.
KompoZerFree HTML editor for MAC, Linux and Windows.
NVUFree Web authoring system for Linux (also Windows and MAC) in the tradition of DreamWeaver and FrontPage.
TreePadAll non-free TreePad editions can generate a complete Web site, using only a few mouse clicks. The generated Website includes a tree pane and article pane, text formatting, images, hyperlinks and icons.
Some TreePad editions can generate a dynamic/javascript tree pane (you can expand and collapse the tree nodes) and even come with a PHP Website search engine.
Trellian WebPageFree WYSIWYG html editor for Windows.
WebPlusFree HTML Editor for Windows created by Serif Software.
Free Image Hosting
Free image hosting reviews
Free Remote File Storage/Sharing/Backup
The services listed in this section enable you to backup, store and/or share your files on the Internet for free. If you need a place to host your Web site, please see our guide to free home pages.
4shared.com1 Gigabyte of free space to share files.
Alway SyncSynchronize data between PC's, laptops, FTP servers, etc. Free for moderate personal use. For Windows.
AxiFile10 Gb of free online file space.
Box.netThe 'Personal' plan offers 5 Gb free online file storage and sharing.
Drive HeadquartersFree 1Gb of remote storage space including FTP access and file-sharing. The non-free plans range from 2 Gb for $ 2.99/month up to 20 Gigabytes for $19.99/Month
DropboxFree remote storage, synchronization and sharing of files and folders. For Linux, Windows, MAC, Android, BlackBerry, iPhone, iPad.
FileDENFree 1GB of personal storage space, 5GB of monthly bandwidth, 100 mb file size limit; you can also store videos and music files and link to them from elsewhere.
FileGenie20 Mb of free online backup space.
MozyHome Free2 Gb online backup space for free.
Online Internet StorageA list of sites providing internet based storage solutions, i.e. remote virtual hard drives or remote virtual storage space, both free and commercial.
SpiderOak.comFree online backup, share and sync for Linux, Windows and MAC.
Ubunto OneSynchronize, store and share 5 gigabytes of files and folders for free. For Linux/Ubuntu and Windows.
Webdrive.dk100 MB free space, share folders with other users, access zip files online.
Non-free Remote File Storage/Sharing
Box.netThe 'Personal' plan offers 5 Gb free online file storage and sharing.
File HamsterFree real-time backup and archiving of your files while you work, monitor specific files on your hard drive and automatically create incremental backups, etc.
I(2) Drive500 Mb storage, 1 Gb transfer for $ 9.99 per month
OrbitfilesUnlimited online file storage, backup and file-sharing for $5 per month.
Free Adult WebSpace
AnzwersFree Web hosting service for personal, commercial and adult pages. Unlimited space. Unlimited bandwidth.
URL forwarding
1try.comFree URL-forwarding. You get an URL like "".
CJB.netFree URL-redirection service. You get an URL like "".
EU.orgThe goal of is to provide free subdomain registration to users or non-profit organizations.
XS.toFree URL-forwarding. You get an URL like "".
Your.1dr.bizFree URL redirection and directory, which offers free subdomains like "" with no ads, and free instant listing in "The First Adaptive Directory".
Domain parking
ParkPage.comFree domain parking for existing domains. If the domain name is not already registered, you will be charged a fee of $14.95 to have the domain name registered.
Related Links
Budget WebA site listing many low-budget (non-free) Web-space providers with search options.
FreeWebspace.netLarge guide to free and low-cost Webspace providers.
HostReviewWebhosting directory listing many free and non-free Webspace providers.
Tophosts.comAnother good place to find a non-free webspace provider.
Web HostersWeb hosting articles, help & faq.
TreePad X Enterprise
384 Gigabyte Personal Information Manager and Word Processor.
Intuitive and versatile, including Website Generator, spellchecker, thesaurus, attachments, search engine, recycle bin, and much more! For Windows and Linux/Wine.
Click here to get the free evaluation version.
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Free images, icons,
clipart, backgrounds,
Download images and clipart for free, royalty-free stock photographs, thousands of free fonts, free icons, free GIFs, animated GIFs, free backgrounds, wallpapers, etc.
Free Email AddressesA large listing of services that provide free but also non-free email addresses. Web based email, email forwarding, pop email, etc. Also: add email services to your domain.
Internet Search EnginesInternet search engines, meta search engines, newsgroup-, image- and font-search engines, Web directories, etc.
Anonymous InternetAnonymous Web search, anonymous Web surfing, anonymous email and anti-spam email.
Freebyte GalleryFree images, bars, arrows, flags, animated gifs and signs for your Web page.
Free Web DevelopmentFree Web design and Web development tools. Free scripts, templates, tutorials and other resources. Free and easy-install Web servers (Apache + MySQL + PHP + more) for Linux, Windows, MAC.
Freebyte Gallery:
Background Images
Free background images for your Web pages: stone, marble, metal, decoration, sky backgrounds, timber images, psychedelic, office, trees and plants, space and stars.
Free Website PromotionGet more visitors. Free Website submission services and software, free mailing list services, free banner exchange services, web promotion tips and tutorials, search engine tips, online marketing tools, free advertising, free resources for Webmasters.
Make money
on the Web
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Free Anti-Spam ToolsFree spam-filter services, free anti-spam software, free spam-reporting services, free anti-spam email services, free server-side anti-spam tools, etc.
Free Internet ProgramsFree programs to surf the Web, free email software, email virus protection, free newsgroup programs, free Internet chat, telephony and messaging applications, free telnet software, free firewalls, etc.
Free Video and TelevisionFree online videos and television channels from around the world.
Free software to watch videos and television over the Internet.
Free Graphics
Free Paint Programs, Free Image Viewers, Free Photo Albums, Free graphics converters, 2-D Animation Software, 3-D / Animation software and more!
Free Software
created by Freebyte
Free Personal Information Managers, free File and Disk Utilities, free Address Books, free eBook Software and more. All created by
Free ScreensaversFree screensavers, cursors, ringtones and desktop themes. Free 3D screensavers, nature, funny and artistic screensavers, screensaver construction packages which don't require any programming, and more.
Freebyte Music ZoneFree MP3 files, midi files, free music videos, free sheet music, free samples and loops, online music lessons, music and audio search engines, etc.
Free Games Free chess, free checkers, free go, free card games, free puzzle games, free arcade games, free games CD-roms, free online games, free games for download, cheats, virtual pets, role playing, and more!
Also check out our free software
for Windows and Linux/wine!
TreePad LiteFree organizer/information manager
exe-eBook CreatorFree eBook compiler
Freebyte BackupFree backup program
Fast File RenamerFree multiple file renaming tool
Custom Addressbook LiteFree addressbook
DisktectiveFree Disk-space reporting tool
HJSplitFreeware file splitters - multiplatform
Harddisk Search and StatsFree search engine for your harddisk
Freebyte ZIPFree zip/unzip program
Information wanted!

If you know of any free CGI sites (not listed here) which allow you to place your own CGI scripts, please let us know!

If you know of any free webspace service(s) not listed here which offer very good service, unlimited bandwidth, or unlimited storage space, or which do not force any banners or popup screens onto your homepage, please let us know!

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