A freeware installer for Windows
Version 3.5.3
We are no longer updating this program.

HJ-Install is a freeware installer for Windows XP, Vista, 2000, 2003, NT, 95, 98, ME. You can use HJ-Install to create an install package for software that you would like to distribute. The current version can create install directories, copy files into them, create program-groups and -items, copy whole directory structures, and interact with the end-user.

If you are distributing a relatively small application, I'm sure you don't want a complicated huge installer which adds more than 1 Mb to your package! HJ-Install on the other hand is small and adds only 138 Kb!

You can easily create install scripts which copy hundreds of megabytes from CD-Rom without much effort. In fact, you could just do this with one line of script using the HJ-Install 'copy trees' command.

The installation procedure is orchestrated by a simple and powerful scripting language. One can easily create program-groups, program-items, directories, copy files and copy whole directories.
Compressed files are automatically uncompressed during the copy action (a compression utility is included in the package).
See also the script example and the online version of the Manual.
The documentation is clear and four examples are available.

You can directly download HJ-Install from this page. The zip file contains: manual.doc, readme.txt, three examples which can be executed directly after install, four examples to be viewed, a compression utility and the installer itself.
Download: hjinstall.zip (163 Kb).

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Usage and distribution
You can use this program in any commercial or non-commercial setting as indicated in the readme.txt file. You can use this program to create and distribute any amount of commercial or non-commercial installation packages. You can not charge any money for the installer (install.exe) itself.

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