HJ-Install Installation
Script Example

View the Manual
for further reference information.

Note: a script command is always between pointed brackets.

<hide editbox>
<hide label>

<set title>
Installation of the HJ-install program

<Wait Message>
This will install HJ-Install on your system.
Press `Next' to continue with the installation.
You can always press `Quit' to abort the procedure.

<Set Message>
The directory shown below is where the program will be installed into.
You can choose another directory if you want.
After pressing `Next', the directory will be created and the relevant files will be put into it.

<create directory>
c:\Program Files\HJ-Install

<copy files>
Install.exe, Install.exe
example1.script, example1.script
example1.script, example1.txt
example2.script, example2.script
example2.script, example2.txt
example3.script, example3.script
example3.script, example3.txt
install.script.txt, install.script.txt
manual.doc, manual.doc
readme.txt, readme.txt
Compress.exe, Compress.exe

<readonly editbox>

<Set Message>
The directory on your disk should now have been created, with the files in it.
Now the program group is shown in which all HJ-Install icons will be put. You may choose another program group if you want. After pressing `Next' the program group and all its items will be created.

<Create Program Group>

<Create Program Items>
"readme.txt", HJ-Install Readme
"manual.doc", HJ-Install Manual
"Install.script.txt", View Install Script
"example1.txt", View Example1
"example2.txt", View Example2
"example3.txt", View Example3
"Install.exe" "example1.script", Do Example1
"Install.exe" "example2.script", Do Example2
"Install.exe" "example3.script", Do Example3
"Compress.exe", Compress

<hide editbox>
<hide label>

<wait Message>
In the selected program group you can find three examples and the installation script. You can view the example script with `View Example..' and execute it with `Do Example..'. You can view this installation script by selecting `View Install Script'.

<wait Message>
The Compress utility is used to make compressed files. Only files compressed with this utility can be expanded by HJ-Install.

<Set Message>
The items `Manual' and `Readme' speak for themselves.
Press `Finish' to conclude this installation.

<set Title>
HJ-Install installation finished.

<wait button>
>> Finish <<