Quick start: search your harddisk
Searching your harddisk is straightforward.
To search your harddisk using Harddisk Search & Stats, simply:
(1) click on the 'browse' button to specify a 'folder to search'.
(2) then enter one or more search terms in the top right-hand area. Note: each search-term needs to be put on a separate line.
(3) finally click the button 'Search folder'.
The program will now display a progress bar indicating it busy searching:
After completion of the search, the search-results list is filled with data, as shown directly below.
Each file is listed in its own row, with these details:
- the folder of the file
- the name of the file
- the type of the file (extension)
- for each search term you have entered, a column is displayed containing the number of occurrences of that search term in each file.
Please note that: search is case-insensitive.
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