Harddisk Search & Stats program description
Harddisk Search & Stats is a freeware Search Engine for your harddisk. It enables you to search large numbers of text/ascii-based files, (such as .txt, .html, .ini, .php, .mbx files, etc.) simultaneously.
It can search files in all levels of a folder (recursive), or just one level.
You can specify as many search terms you want, and there is no limit to the number of file types you can add for searching.

For each search-term entered, the program will display an additional column in the search results.
Double clicking on a file in the search result will open the internal or an external viewer.

More features:
- filter file types based on extensions
- import file types from a folder
- view/search individual files with the internal or an external viewer
- zero-installation, easy uninstallation
- the program does not write anything into the registry

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