Importing file types
It is not only possible to manually add file types (file extensions) to the 'file types' box in the lower-right area of the main screen, you can also automatically add file types directly from the 'folder to search'.
To add new file types in this way, just click on the button 'import file types' in the main screen. This will prompt Harddisk Search & Stats to scan the selected folder' for file types. When the program has finished scanning it will show the 'Import file types' dialog (below) where you can actually select which file types you want to add, and which file types you do not want to add.
Please note that Harddisk Search & Stats does not search 'binary file types', only ASCII/Text-based files are supported.
Examples of binary file types are:
- programs
- images
- wave files
- movie files
- zip files.
The 'import file types' function will automatically skip the following file types which it knows to be binary:

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