No installation needed
Harddisk Search & Stats does not need to be installed: just copy all files into one directory, then run the program by double-clicking HDSearchAndStats.exe.
Creating a Windows icon (optional):
Click the start-button on your screen with your right mouse-button and select 'open'. Then double-click the 'programs' group.
After that, double click the program group you want to install Harddisk Search & Stats into. In that program group, RIGHT click an empty space inside the group with your mouse and select 'new' - 'shortcut'. Click the 'browse' button in 'Create Shortcut'. Browse to the directory where Harddisk Search & Stats
resides on your disk. Then press the 'open' button and finish the process.

Just delete the files of the program from your disk. The program does not write anything into the registry or Windows directory.
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