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Free Chess
ArasanFreeware chess program for Windows, MAC and Linux.
Bruno's Chess
problem of the day
Everyday a new chess problem; logic puzzles and free chess strategies or tactics.
Chess-it!Free chess program for Windows. You get your choice of three sets of game pieces and can configure the playing board from a full palette of colours. Either or both players can be human or computer. Moves are listed as they are made, and you can retrace the sequence backwards or forwards. Save the record of your game and print it for future reference. Version 3.0. Created by Yoto Yotov This is a friendly online chess club where you can play chess with players from all over the World: compete in tournaments, join teams, learn, keep in touch with old friends and make new friends worldwide.
En PassantExcellent chess site with free chess software and resources for chess publishing like chess fonts, diagram utilities, graphics and more.
Free Internet
Chess Server
The Free Internet Chess Server (FICS) is the worlds largest FREE Internet Chess Server where you can play chess, observe games, talk to friends, obtain a rating, and rank yourself among other players from all over the world. 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Membership is free.
GameKnot Free online chess, multi-player or solo. The GameKnot Java applet allows you to play chess in your Web browser.
jChecksAn open source Java chess program designed to introduce the basics of computer chess programming; it also can be used "as is" by chess beginners. It runs on any computer which has Java installed.
NagaSkakiFreeware chess program for Windows.
Net BlitzFree chess program for Windows. You can play a game against a computer or find a server to play chess with others.
pouetChessFreeware, open-source 3D chess game for beginners. Runs on Windows.
Rebel DecadeFreeware chess program for DOS and Windows. It also runs on MAC using SoftWindows.
SchemingMind.comOnline correspondence chess club.
ScidA freeware database for storing chess games. For Windows and Linux.
SigmaChessFreeware. Sigma Chess is a master strength Macintosh chess program for both OS X and Classic Mac OS. The feature set includes: Database support, PGN/EPD support, basic desktop publishing, endgame databases, novice levels, a true perspective 3D board, ExaChess compatibility and much more.
Tim Mann's Chess PagesXBoard, WinBoard, chess engines, GNU chess, Internet chess servers, zippy, chess links, etc.
Free Checkers
CheckerslandStrong freeware checkers program for Linux, Windows, MAC, Solaris, etc. It offers 20 types of checkers (Armenian, Brazilian, diagonal, Spanish, Italian, Canadian, international, Russian, Thai and more). When you play against the computer you can set a difficulty level. You can also play against others over the Internet or a network. Games can be saved to PDN, PNG or JPG files, the program's user-interface supports nine languages. Since it is written in Java, the game runs on any operating system which has a Java virtual machine installed.
Online CheckersPlay checkers online, in your Web browser, without installing any software.
CheckerboardVery strong freeware checkers program for Windows with many options.
Free Go Comprehensive Go-site, existing since October 1994. Lots of information on Go, including the Go rules, go Encyclopedia, history of Go, Go study material, online Go servers, Go and computers, daily updated tournament site, etc.
Game of Go Webring This ring is devoted to the game of GO or WeiQi. Go is one of the oldest games in history of mankind.
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Free Card Games
Free online
card games
Play card games online, in your Web browser: Blackjack, Bridge, Canasta, Hearts, Poker, Rummy, Solitaire, Spades, etc.
Cheat SolitaireFree solitaire game for Windows which allows you to cheat by looking at cards which are faced down, unlimited drawing of cards, unlimited undo, etc.
123 Free Solitaire123 free solitaire card games for Windows. The freeware version can be found at the bottom of the page.
Card Games Provides information on rules and information about card and tile games from all parts of the world.
Free Puzzle Games
CyclanoidThe objective is to arrange the tiles in the center of the board to match the ones displayed along the game-area border. Similar to a 2D Rubik's Cube, Cyclanoid is harder. It also includes a built-in visual builder of puzzles for creating your own games
Free Puzzle Collections Puzzle games, puzzle links, geometry puzzles, logic puzzles, math puzzles, etc.
Free puzzles,
card games,
jigsaw puzzles
Traditional games and puzzles running in your Web browser.
Internet Anagram
Site about anagrams.
Puzzle GamesFree online versions of many puzzle games, both classics and originals. Non-Java based.
Puzzle GamesFreeware puzzle games for Windows: Towers of Hanoi, Magic Square, Magic Cube, various Jigsaw and Sudoku puzzles.
Free Sports Games
CandyStandFree online sports games.
Free Online Games
Online games are games which you can play directly in your web browser without downloading and installing anything explicitly. These games often enable you to play games together with other people.
Arcade 7Free online Flash Arcade games.
FlyordieA multitude of free online games: billiard, chess, checkers, backgammon, memory, gomoku, etc.
Free Arcade GamesFree online arcade games by Atari.
FrivTons of free online games.
MSDos GamesA collection of MSDos games which can be played directly in your Webbrowser through the use of the EM-DOSBOX in-browser emulator. It includes action, strategy, adventure and other unique genres of game and entertainment software.
OutdraftLots games which you can play online in your Webbrowser, and download.
Tic Tac ToeFree online Tic Tac Toe for two players or one player (against the computer).
Unification WarsA free online game with over 700,000 members ! You are the leader of an empire, recruit and level up your minister(s) to assist you to expand your economy, military and power by diplomatic or military means.
Free Multiplayer Online Games
Dungeons and DragonsAn online multiplayer fantasy role-playing game based on the classic board game 'Dungeons and Dragons'.
Free MMorgp ListA list of free multiplayer online games.
Lord of the RingsAn online multiplayer fantasy role-playing game based on the books of Tolkien.
Free Games for Download
3dcarpFree carp fishing game/simulator for Windows.
c2eComplex strategy game for Windows. It is based on Sid Meier's Civilization II.
CultFreeware, for Windows and Android. Game based on negotiations and trade in order to solve a case of a barricaded cult. As you play, you wander in the villa, meet the brainwashed cult members (and some reasonable people). You talk to them, find out what they want, and learn to trade items with them for information. You learn a little about the social structure of the cult and even get to save some lives.
Pyva.netFree games for Windows.
Free Music Games
Layton Music:
Free Games and Resources
Free music games and resources for teachers and students to download, print, and use.
Make your own Games
Game MakerFreeware! With this program you can make your own computer games without any programming, including: backgrounds, images, animated graphics, music and sound effects.
If you really want to program, Game Maker has a built-in scripting language.
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Free Dress up Games
Dress-up games and on-line paperdolls: create and/or dress-up dolls, people, objects, etc.
Fun for Girls
Fantasy Role Playing Games
OpenRPGAn Internet application that allows people to play Role Playing Games in real-time over the Internet. Freeware, open source.
The Dark GrimoireFree text-based role-playing game.
Free Virtual Pets
Grophland"Welcome to Grophland, the land of the Grophs. Grophs are waiting here for you looking for an owner to take care of them."
Mara PetsA free virtual pet site with fun-filled virtual worlds and dress up dolls.
NeopetsA community of over 70 million virtual pet owners across the world.
Virtual Pet Home PageA listing of virtual Pets and related sites.
Abandonware Games
Abandonware games are games which have been 'abandoned' by their creators, no new versions are coming out anymore.
Mostly these games are more than five years old.
Retro games
MSDos GamesA collection of MSDos games which can be played directly in your Webbrowser through the use of the EM-DOSBOX in-browser emulator. It includes action, strategy, adventure and other unique genres of game and entertainment software.
Running old games
When your old games run to fast on your new computer, you might want to try slowing it down using one of the utilities in this section
DosBoxAn open source DOS emulator especially suitable for running old DOS-based games. It emulates an Intel x86 PC, complete with sound, graphics, mouse, modem, etc., for running many old DOS games that are not compatible with modern Windows PC's. You can download versions for Linux, Windows, MAC, Risc OS, Solaris, OS/2, BeOS, Zeta.
Mo'SloNot free. For Windows and DOS. Slows down the games and not the PC itself.
More Games-related Websites
BoardGameGeekVast resource containing tens of thousands of reviews and articles about board games.
Cheat ChannelFree cheat databases for PC-based games covering thousands of games.
CheatBookCheats, hints, tips, faqs and news for PC, PlayStation 3, Xbox 360, Nintendo Wii, PlayStation 2, Xbox, GameCube, Nintendo DS, PSP, and more.
GameTrailersGame trailers for Wii, Playstation, Xbox, PSP, PSN and more.
WomenGamers.Com Site for Women playing computer games, digital women, the female players movement, etc.
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Free ScreensaversFree screensavers, cursors, ringtones and desktop themes. Free 3D screensavers, nature, funny and artistic screensavers, screensaver construction packages which don't require any programming, and more.
Freebyte Music ZoneFree MP3 files, midi files, free music videos, free sheet music, free samples and loops, online music lessons, music and audio search engines, etc.
Free images, icons,
clipart, backgrounds,
Download images and clipart for free, royalty-free stock photographs, thousands of free fonts, free icons, free GIFs, animated GIFs, free backgrounds, wallpapers, etc.
Free Graphics
Free Paint Programs, Free Image Viewers, Free Photo Albums, Free graphics converters, 2-D Animation Software, 3-D / Animation software and more!
Free Satellite imagesFree shots of earth taken by satellite. Also: real-time satellite images.
Education On-lineOnline courses, education for kids, online university education, educational resources.
Free DictionariesFree online dictionaries for a multitude of languages, free specialized dictionaries (medicine, business, sports, computing, construction...), free thesauri, free online spellcheckers, language tools, language links, and more.
Free eBooksFree ebooks, free eBook authoring tools, free photo albums.
Free Home pagesPublish your own Web pages for free! Find the best service to host your home page. Create your Web page without any knowledge of HTML. Free services which enable you to run your own CGI scripts (PHP, ASP, Perl, etc.).
Free Software
created by Freebyte
Free Personal Information Managers, free File and Disk Utilities, free Address Books, free eBook Software and more. All created by
Reference Desk
Free online encyclopedias, maps, satellite images, electronics, computing, physics, science, etc.
Jokes and HumorThe best jokes, funny stories, links to caricatures and cartoons, 'Microsoft bashing', Dutch Humor, and links to other humor resources.
Also check out our free software
for Windows and Linux/wine!
TreePad LiteFree organizer/information manager
exe-eBook CreatorFree eBook compiler
Freebyte BackupFree backup program
Fast File RenamerFree multiple file renaming tool
Custom Addressbook LiteFree addressbook
DisktectiveFree Disk-space reporting tool
HJSplitFreeware file splitters - multiplatform
Harddisk Search and StatsFree search engine for your harddisk
Freebyte ZIPFree zip/unzip program
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