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Guide to Free Web Services

This page contains services
useful for anyone surfing the Web.

Reminder Services

  • FREEminder Service
    FREEminder reminds you of important days or recurring events by sending you an email reminder. If you use email on a regular basis, you will find FREEminder useful. All requests are confidential and there is no charge for the service. Simply fill in your email address and reminder information and FREEminder does the rest.
  • The URL-minder
    Your Own Personal Web Robot. The URL-minder keeps track of Web pages and other resources on the World Wide Web, and sends you e-mail whenever your personally registered resourceschange. You can have the URL-minder keep track of any Web resource accessible via HTTP, FTP, or GOPHER. Note: Your E-Mail address will not be released to any third parties, nor will it be used for any purpose other than to provide this service. This service is supported in part by advertisers, but you will receive no junk mail from NetMind nor will NetMind release your address to any otherparty without your permission.
  • 2Remember
    A free service that will remind you of any date that is important to you. Your reminder will come to you through e-mail 14 and 7 days prior to the event. You can even have a personal message sent to another person.

Virtual presents, postcards

  • A Virtual Present
    Send people furniture, cars, vacations, pets or more modest things like tools and flowers. All are virtual and free of course!
  • Penny Lane Postcards
    Site to send virtual postcards. You can create your postcard by first choosing from a list rock-groups (like Led Zeppelin, Beatles, U2), then you choose a song and finally a photograph from that group. Of course you also have to type in the message you want to send.
  • Virtual Insults
    Site to send mild insults to other people.
  • Mail a meal
    Mail your friends their favourite food-dishes!
  • Toonogram
    E-mail cartoon service. Funny electronic postcards.
  • Complete list of card sites
    There are many sites on which you can send virtual postcards to others. This page is an attempt to list them all.


  • Lockergnome
    Keeps you informed on the newest Windows 95-98-NT and Internet stuff. Appears twice a month--packed with the latest 32-bit downloads (freeware & shareware), websites, games, MIDI, WAV, TrueType fonts, updates & patches, themes, tips & tricks, computer industry news, and more."
  • Omnistreet
    Free newsletter about Windows and Internet stuff

Games, contests

  • Riddler
    Free games, free prizes. For those who like puzzles.

Various useful services

  • Atlas of Cyberspace
    An atlas of maps and graphic representations of the geographies of the new electronic territories of the Internet, WWW and other emerging Cyberspaces. These maps help visualise and comprehend the new digital landscapes in the Web and in the wires of the global communications networks.
  • Personal start page
    You can use this page to configure your entry point to internet. It can store bookmarks, search the web, send mail, keep notes, remind you of things.

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