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Free site submission software
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Just publishing your Web site on the Internet is usually not enough for generating the attention and traffic it deserves. On this page we list truly FREE services, tutorials and programs which can help you promote your home pages and Web sites without too much effort.
Free site submission services
Submission services are here to make your life easier, they allow you to automate the site submission process. Very often you just have to fill in one form, press one button and your site is automatically submitted to a large number of search engines without any further efforts.
Dream Submit Very good, very easy and totally FREE service. Totally automated submission process: you only have to enter your URL once. After this it sends you a detailed report on the submission results. Highly recommended by Freebyte!
* submit your site to +50 universal search engines
* submit your site to +25 Indian search engines
* submit your site to +15 UK search engines
Submit Express Submits your URL to 40 search engines for free.
For $ 24.95 your site will be submitted to 75 000 sites.
4Free Free service. Allows you to manually add your URL to eight top search engines from one page.
SubmitShack Allows you to submit your Web site to many engines by just filling in one form.
Webmasterz Free service. Adds your Website to up to 18 search engines, you just have to fill in your URL and press a button.
Free site submission software
Alternatively, you can use free URL submission software to promote your Web site. These programs usually offer more features than the free submission services, but to use them you need to download and install them.
AdaURL Free URL submission program for Windows. Allows you to easily register a URL to 20 search engines at one time.
Additional features: meta tag generator, submission reports, proxy server support, smart category selection.
Freeware program for Windows which checks with 13 international and 12 national (German, Dutch, Italian, etc.) search engines to see how your site is ranked. Using this program you can improve your search engines ranks, submit your Website, inspect your web site, create Meta Tags, search the search engines and much more!
Free Banner Exchange Services
A 'banner exchange service' enables you to advertise your Web site on other Web sites for free. More specifically, in exchange for placing a banner on your Web site, your banner will be displayed on other Websites for free. A banner is usually a GIF or a JPEG image on a Web page advertising something.
Net-On! High display-ratio of 0.8: for each five times you display a banner, your banner is displayed four times on other sites. Banner should be 468 X 60 pixels, no larger than 15 k. Animated GIFs allowed.
Bannerswap Display-ratio of 0.5: for each two times you display a banner, your banner is displayed once on other sites. Banner size 468x60 pixels. No adult sites allowed.
Smartclicks Free banner exchange service.
Web Union Popular Banner exchange service for the Chinese language area.
LogicLink Collection of localized free banner exchange services, each targeted towards a different country: Brazil, USA, Norway, Mexico, the Netherlands, Belgium, Spain, Italy, France, Germany, England, Finland, Norway, Sweden, etc.
Web promotion tips and tutorials
Search Engine
Everything you need to know about search engines! Great site, with lots of useful information for anyone using search engines for searching, submitting, promoting, etc. Recommended!
Search Engine
Submission Tips
Step by step tutorial on how to market, advertise, publicise and announce a Web site using the major search engines.
Search Engine
The Search Engine Tutorial for Web Designers explains, how to design your pages, keeping the search engines in mind, and why it is necessary to do so.
SignPost Useful site, which lists six steps for successfully promoting your Web page.
Submit Express Free email newsletter on search engine promotion tips and tricks, website promotion and affiliate programs.
Web Alley Useful site containing lots of information on building, designing and promoting a Web site.
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Free web browsers, plug-ins, news readers, FTP, chat, email programs, etc.
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Tools, services, programs, websites and other stuff useful for anyone building a homepage or website.
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Home page
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