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E-mail services


Have a permanent and free e-mail addres, which remains the same, even if you change to another dial-in provider. Many of these services automatically redirect all mail from your e-mail address (with that organization) to your local (dial-in) e-mail address. You can change your local address as many times as you want.

With other free mail services you don't even need a local e-mail address. They provide you with a userfriendly browser based interface, so you only need your Web program to receive and send mail. The downside of a Web based interface is that the sluggishness of the user-interface can become somewhat irritating. This is because after each action you take, the whole screen has to be downloaded again into your browser. With the Web based interface you have to stay online while reading, typing and sending mail.

For people who do not own a computer, or who travel a lot, the web based service can provide an extra dimension: your mail is never downloaded into the local computer used for internet access, but always stays on the server (the computer of the mail service).

We personally recommend using a permanent e-mail address - be it Web-based, POP or redirecting - because this way you will always keep the same address for your business relations and friends no matter how many times you change your local mail and/or dial-in provider. However, there are some things to keep in mind, while signing up with these services.

What's the catch?

Some of the ways the free e-mail services can make money out of your free e-mail account:
1) Attach a commercial message to some or all of the mail you receive.
2) Attach a commercial message to some or all the mail you send. You can avoid this by using the SMTP (mail sending) service of your local provider.
3) Display advertisements on the web page you use to do your mail stuff (only possible with browser-interface based services).
4) Sell your e-mail address to commercial organizations.

Your e-mail address is worth money (up to $0.10 per address). However, there are services who promise not to sell your e-mail address. I would recommend only using a service which does not sell your e-mail address. Otherwise you might end up receiving tons of spam (unwanted commercial e-mail).

These free e-mail services claim to provide permanent (lifetime) e-mail addresses. Is that possible? What happens if the service goes out of business? Will another organization take over the accounts? I hope so..

Mail FAQ
If you are an Internet beginner, or still have some questions about Internet mail, this page might be for you. For questions about non-standard mail adresses like Compuserve's look here.

Free Worldwide Services

Free Web-based e-mail service.

Full-featured and free email system which includes: auto-responders, forwading, advanced address book/contact management, filters, blocking, color schemes and more.
Serious free e-mail service inspired by beer consumption.

Recommended! Your address will be like [email protected]

Also provides free Web space.

User information will never be sold or given out for any spamming purposes.

Earth Online
Gives you an email address like [email protected] . Also does free Web hosting, free chat, free advertising.

Easy Post
The FREE web based email services from Easyspace.

Easy To Remember
Free URL and email forwarding service based in Taiwan.

England E-mail
Free web-based email service with POP option. Many features and services. Like a personal address book, attachments, signature, filtering, vacation reply.

Eudora mail
From the makers of the popular email program. Services: address book, vacation reply.

Also provides free webspace.

Very sympathetic and free service, fully SMTP/POP3 compatible. So you can use any standard email program - or Netscape communicator/navigator - to send and receive mail. Your e-mail address will be similar to [email protected]
Soon also available: Web based interface.

Friendly e-mail
'Friendly e-mail for the student'. You can choose from email addresses like [email protected], [email protected], [email protected], [email protected], [email protected] You can also choose from office domains, military domains, school domains.

Offers free pop accounts and free homepages. Recently I had some problems mailing to an existing geocities account though.

Free web based service. They respect your privacy. In the application-form you don't even have to fill in your personal data (name, address) if you don't want to.

International mail service based in Finland. Web based access to your mail, so you don't need a separate mail program.

Web based service. You get an address like [email protected] .

Web based. You don't need an e-mail account or e-mail program. Simply access and send your e-mail with your Web browser.

Here you can also choose from a variety of domains, like [email protected], or [email protected]

Web based service by Lycos and IName.

Mail City
Web based, so no email program necessary. You get an address like [email protected] . Gives you 4 Mb for your received mail and attachments.

Web based service. Simple to use.

Provides mail-forwarding, Pop and Web based services. So you can use their mail server, or redirect the mail to your local mail account, or use the Web interface to read your mail online. You get an e-mail address like [email protected]

Also offers free web-page forwarding. Does not sell your e-mail address to junk mailing lists.

Opera Mail
Free mail service from the company that made the Opera Web browser.

Panda Mail
Free service. It uses a Web based interface (using your HTML browser) to access your existing POP3 account. Panda does not supply you with a POP account, probably you already did get a pop3 account with your local dial-in provider.

You can use your webbrowser to send and receive e-mail. Many features. Special educational offers. Does not accept new accounts at this moment.

Personal Connections
Web based.

Star Mail
An e-mail address with a domain of your own choice. Examples: [email protected], [email protected]

Free web based service.

Sympathetic and free mail forwarding service. Setup of your account requires a symbolic one-time fee of $1 - to avoid misuse. Also offers non-free but low-cost pop3 accounts ($9.00 per year). Your mail address is never sold, spam tolerance is zero. No advertisements are run through the mail.
Forwarding service by Bigfoot. Gives you an address like [email protected]

Wonder Net
Gives you an e-mail address like [email protected]

For one user-id, you get 30 mail domains, most of the mail domains are a bit erotically flavoured. Examples: [email protected], [email protected] All are accessible from one account, replies to all addresses go to one mailbox.

Web based service by Yahoo.

YAW mail
"Yet Another Web Mail". Web-based email service.

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Free Country based Services
The Netherlands

Dolfijn is a free Dutch email service created by Ilse, the famous search engine. Dolfijn also offers other services - see their site.

Mail service from Holland. Try it out if you are Dutch.

South Africa

Based in South Africa. You can access your email account with your normal browser, no mail program required.

FreeMail (S. Africa)
Based in South Africa. The link was down at the moment of upgrading this page.

Language area

Free e-mail service for the German area. No advertisement attached to your mails. Does not sell your e-mail address to third parties.

Free Austrian Web-based email service.

Free Swedish email service. Gives you a mail address like [email protected]


Italian mail service. Because the link was down at the moment of upgrading this page, not even the name of this service is known.


Codec network
Free mail service in Romania. HTML-based. You can choose your email address in one of these three domains:,,


2Mb for e-mail + 3Mb for WWW, also mailforwarding.

3Mb for e-mail + WWW.

3Mb for e-mail + 3Mb for WWW.

Polbox (Polish page)
Polbox (English page)
1Mb for e-mail + 3Mb for WWW. Note: after 14 days e-mails are erased !!


For American users. Gives you modem dial-up connection to send and retrieve e-mail.

Free Greek e-mail service, especially for businesses.

Free mail forwarding service from Greece.

Free webbased mail service from Greece.

From Greece. You only need Netscape or Explorer 3.0 or later, no special email program. Easy user interface.

Free Web-based email service.


Open Society Fund
This service provides a free email account for those who live or work in Lithuania. You can apply by phone/fax/email.

Non free services

Solid and reliable. Offers many services, like autoreply to senders.

Almost-free pop e-mailservice (one time setup fee of $15). Dutch and English pages. Good explaination on how to set up the e-mail client in your computer.

Gives you an address like [email protected] or [email protected]@com. Also provides free Webspace. You can choose other addresses like [email protected] for $14.95 per year. Try the service FREE for 30 days with no obligation.

Low-cost pop3 accounts: $9.00 per year. You can access your account with your browser, or with your email program. Your mail address is never sold, spam tolerance is zero. No advertisements are run through the mail.

Your response

If you know of any mail forwarding sites not found on this page, mail them to us.

You can also send in your experiences with one of these services!

More information...

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