Freebyte Task Scheduler
New features in version 2.0

May 22, 2011

Release of version 2.0 of Freebyte Task Scheduler
Freeware for Windows and Linux/Wine.
New features:

* Added: "Menu: Edit/Preferences"
* Added: "Menu: Edit/Preferences/Confirm when exit program". Freebyte Task Scheduler by default asks for confirmation when you close the program. You can disable it here.
* Added: "Menu: Edit/Preferences/Confirm before executing task manually". Here you can disable the confirmation dialog that appears when when you manually try to execute a task.

* The settings file format has changed. It is still an .ini file, but not compatible with the settings file format of version 1.0.
* Added: "Menu: File/Import/Tasks from version 1.x", which you can use to import tasks from the old-style settings file (used in version 1.x).
* Changed: the settings file, by default, is now located inside the Windows folder: "C:\Documents and Settings\<your username>\Local Settings\Application Data\Freebyte\FBTaskScheduler\".
* The name of the settings file has been changed to "FBTaskScheduler2.ini".

Log file
* Changed: the default location of the log file is now inside "C:\Documents and Settings\<your username>\Local Settings\Application Data\Freebyte\FBTaskScheduler\".
* Changed: the name of the log file has been changed to "FBTaskscheduler2.log".
* Changed: the log file will always be stored in the same location as the settings file (see also the section on portability, below).

* If you want to run FBTaskScheduler directly off a USB stick (including settings file), then just copy the program's executable, the settings file and the log file to a directory of your choice.
When FBTaskScheduler detects the settings file inside its program directory, it will use that version (and it will not look for any data inside the "C:\Documents and Settings\..." directory). The program will also create or use the log file in the same location as where it found the settings file.
* Tip: you can also create an empty FBTaskScheduler2.ini text file (inside the program's directory). If it finds an empty settings file, it will also use that.

* Updated buttons for add, remove, edit and execute task.
* The "Close" button has been removed.


December 5, 2010

Release of version 1.4.3
New features:

* Improved compatibility with Windows 7, Vista and all DEP modes of Windows XP.


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