Tab: Action
Start and Stop
The action tab allows you to start and stop the backup process. It has various fields which show the status of the backup in progress including the total number of files which are being copied.
While the backup is running, the 'status' field (see screenshot) shows the text 'Working...'.
When the backup is completed, the 'status' field shows 'Finished'.
Occasionally Windows (or active programs which are running in the background) can 'lock' files, which prevents these files from being copied by Freebyte Backup.
If Freebyte Backup was unable to copy these 'locked' files, the program will give you a warning (after the backup has finished).
If you click 'Yes' in this dialog, Freebyte Backup will give you the list of files which it was unable to copy (see also the article on Failed files).
When you click the 'Simulate' button nothing will be backed up, but you will see the same process as would have happened during a real backup. This can be useful if you want to know how much space your backup requires (see the field 'Bytes copied' in the 'Action' tab) or which files would have been copied using your current filter and profile settings (Backup report or option 'Show report during backup' in Tab: Profile Settings ).
While the simulation is running, the 'status' field (see screenshot above) shows the text 'Simulation in progress...'.
When the backup is completed, the 'status' field shows 'Simulation finished'.
The option 'create report' in the Tab: Profile Settings allows you to view the results of the backup or simulation operation in a more detailed way.
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