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Incremental backup
When checked, the 'Incremental backup' checkbox  only copies files from the input directory which were not copied before.
(More technically: FB Backup clears the Windows 'archive' file-attribute of the INPUT file after it has been copied to the output directory. When an incremental backup is done, FB Backup first looks at the archive attribute of the input file, if the archive attribute is set the file is copied to the output directory. If the attribute of the input file is not set the file is not copied to the output directory.)
Clear Windows archive file attribute
When the option 'Clear Windows archive file attribute' is checked, TreePad will clear the archive attribute of any backup source file. If you are planning to perform incremental backups, this option should be checked. It can be necessary to disable this option if FB Backup is used in conjunction with other backup programs which also use the archive attribute.
Copy files only if they are more recent
When this option is enabled, FB Backup will only copy a file from the source location to the target location if the source file is more recent than the file in the target location, or if the file does not exist in the target location.
Show report during backup
This option will show the detailed Backup report screen during and after backup. If you have not enabled this option, you can always see the report screen after backup using the Reports tab.
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