Tab: Filter
Filter according to file extension
The second tab, named 'filter' shows a list of file extensions. Enabled file extensions (with their box checked) will cause files with these extensions to be copied during the backup process. E.g. if the box to the left of 'txt' is enabled⁄checked, all files ending in '.txt', like 'readme.txt' found in the (enabled) input directories will be backed up.
Extensions can be added, deleted, modified and sorted.
If you check the option 'Do not filter according to file extension' the program does not look at a file's extension to decide whether or not to copy this file.
Filter according to file date
When the 'Only back up files changed after' option is checked in the filter tab, FB Backup will only copy files which were changed after the specified date⁄time. This option can be used in conjunction with the Incremental backup option (tab profile).
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