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New features

New features in version 3.0

* Added: a simulation button to the 'Action' tab, to simulate a backup without actually copying files. This can be useful e.g. for determining how much space is needed for the backup.
* Added: a new field in the 'Action' tab indicating the number of files which failed to copy e.g. because they were locked by another process.
* Bugfix: the field 'total number of bytes' (in the main screen and the report window) no longer becomes negative with values over 2.4 Gb.
* Added: the drive part of each input directory is now incorporated in the target directory. This is done to avoid any possible folder-name clashes during backup.

* Added: a progress display when closing the report form.
* Added: a progress display when the report form loads data.
* Added: files which failed to copy, will have '## FAILED ##' listed in the status column.
* Added: a 'report' tab to the main window with two buttons: one for viewing the backup report and the other for viewing the list of failed files.

Error reporting
* Added: if during the backup process the program encounters a folder which has too large a path length (on windows this is around 260 characters) the backup aborted and an error message is displayed.
* Added: if the path length of an input or output file is too large, then the file will be added to the list of 'failed files'.
* Added: when one or more files failed to copy (e.g. because they are locked by another process, the destination folder does not exist, or because the total path length of the file is too large), then a warning will be shown at the end of the backup, with an option to see the complete list of 'failed files'.

* Added: a button 'Sort' to sort the file-extensions alphabetically.

* Added: new online manual at
* Added: new downloadable manual, which can be downloaded from:

* Added: Menu: Help/Manual
* Added: Menu: Help/Online manual
* Added: Menu: Help/Freebyte Backup home page
* Added: Menu: Help/Freebyte Backup downloads page
* Added: Menu: Help/ home page

* Added: support for Windows XP themes.
* New 'About' screen


New features in earlier versions

New in version 2.4
* Added: command-line parameters for automatic backups, please see manual.doc

New in version 2.3
* Added: an option not to clear the archive attribute of source files during backup. This option can be useful if FB Backup is used in conjunction with other backup programs which also use this file attribute.

New in versions 2.0 to 2.2
* Added: option not to filter according to file extension
* Added: profile tab, which displayes the backup profile options
* Added: option to only copy files if they are more recent than existing files at the target location
* Added: report window, which shows for each file if it is skipped or copied. Also: file date, size, source location, target location
* Added: option to enable or disable the report window
* Fixed: error message 'invalid date to encode' which sometimes occured

New in version 1.3
* Added: emtpy target directories are no longer created.

New in version 1.2
* Added: option for only copying files which have been changed or added after a certain date/time; option for automatic install.

New in version 1.1
* Added: option for incremental backups

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