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Freebyte Backup is a freeware backup program for Windows. It allows one to easily copy (and filter) a large number of files and directories from various sources into one backup directory. It is possible to backup all files found in the specified set of input directories, or to have only certain file types copied. Files can be filtered according to file-extensions. E.g. you can specify that you want to backup all .doc, .rtf, .jpg, .bmp files, but none of the .exe, .dll and .txt files. You can also very easily define new file extensions inside the filter.



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Incremental backup options
With the optional 'Incremental backup' feature, the program only copies files which have not yet been saved by Freebyte Backup.
It is also possible to specify a date, so that only files changes/created after a certain date/time are copied, or to only copy files if they are more recent than the corresponding files at the target location.

Scheduling backups
Using the Freebyte backup command-line parameters in combination with the Freebyte Task Scheduler program, you can automate and schedule your backups.
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Detailed Report
The report screen shows a list of all the files which are part of the backup process. Of each file, one can see if the 'backup status' is 'copied', 'skipped' or 'failed'. One can also see the file size, the file date, the source and target locations, the total number of files copied, and the total number of bytes copied.
The file list in the report report screen can be sorted according to file status ('copied', 'skipped' or 'failed'), file name, file date, target location, etc.

You don't have to use profiles with FB Backup, but it can make life easier when you are working with several sets of data which need to be backed up at different times.
A profile within FB Backup consists of all the backup input directories specified, the backup output directory, and the filter settings. Profiles can be created, loaded from file, saved to file.

Installation is extremely simple! You can choose to run the installler which sets up the program. Alternatively, you can install the program manually, by copying the program files into a directory of your choice.

License and platforms
Freeware for Windows XP, Vista, 2000, NT, 95, 98, ME. This program is freeware for corporate and personal use, so you can run this program in any commercial or non-commercial setting.

Download Freebyte Backup
  You can download Freebyte Backup here.

The Freebyte Backup manual comes in two flavors:
  (1) online manual. Just click on this link and the manual will open in your Web browser.
  (2) The downloadable manual which installs on your harddisk. Click here to download it.

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Usage and distribution
This program is freeware for corporate and personal use.
You can distribute and include this program on CD-Rom's, Websites, bulletin-boards, Portals, etc. provided you do not modify the program's .zip file and it must be clear that the program is freeware or shareware.
You can distribute and include this program as part of shareware/freeware collections provided you do not modify the program's .zip file.

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