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What's the Catch?
Nothing lasts forever..
Free email services
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The free email services listed here allow you to have a permanent and free e-mail address, which remains the same, even if you change to another local Internet provider (the service which you use to connect to the Internet). These free email services can forward email (received on your free e-mail account) to your local email address, directly retrieve email from your free email address, and/or view the emails (received by your free email account) online in your Webbrowser.

With 'Web based' free mail services you don't need a local e-mail address, nor an email program. Web based email services provide you with a user friendly but slower Web-based interface, so you only need a Web browser on any computer to receive and send mail. Email is not stored on the local computer, making this a great system for accessing your email from any where on any computer.
The downside of a Web based interface is that it is relatively slow, since each action requires you to load a new page in your browser. And with the Web based interface you have to stay online while reading, typing and sending mail. If you handle a lot of emails daily, the Web based system is less suitable.

We recommend using a non-local e-mail address - Web-based or otherwise - because this way you will always keep the same address for your business relations and friends no matter how many times you change your local Internet provider, or move to another area or country. However, there are some things to keep in mind, while signing up with these services.

What's the Catch?

There are many ways email providers could be profiting from your free e-mail account (which you should be aware of), such as:
1) Attach a commercial message to some or all of the mails which you receive.
2) Attach a commercial message to some or all the mails which you send.
3) Display advertisements when you are accessing your Web-based email account
4) Display popup advertisements when you are accessing your Web-based email account.
5) Sell your e-mail address to commercial organizations. Reliable services with a good privacy policy will refrain from doing this.
6) In theory it is possible to collect and utilize information from your Web browser regarding your surfing behaviour, personal preferences, the Web sites which you visited, etc. A trustworthy service with a solid privacy policy will never do this.

It is recommended only to use a service which has a very clear and outspoken privacy policy regarding your email address and other personal information.

Nothing lasts forever..
What happens if the service goes out of business or starts to charge money for its services? There is nothing you will be able to do about this. Many previously free email services (promising a 'lifetime free email address') have given up or simply started charging fees.
Free email services
Receive, read and send email using your Web browser or local email program.
GlobePoint.netFree Web-based e-Mail with junk filter.
GmailFree Web-based, POP and IMAP email from Google. Also: email forwarding, spam filter, email search engine.
Inbox.comFree Web, POP and SMTP access. 5Gb storage, Privacy, spam and virus protection.
MSN HotmailFree Web-based email service from Microsoft.
My WayFree Web-based email account with 125 Mb email storage space and spam filter. To access or join this email service, you first have to click on the small icon 'My Email' at the top of the page. No advertisements.
openmail.ccFree POP, SMTP and IMAP email.
Opera Web MailWeb based email service from the makers of the Opera Web browser.
SoftHomeFree Web-based email. Ad-supported.
TheDoghouseMail.comFree Web-based email with 1Gb storage. Ad-supported.
WowMailFree Web based email service. Ad-supported.
Yahoo! MailFree Web-based email account with 1 Gb email storage and spam filter.
Free Anonymous & anti-spam email
10 Minute MailA free anonymous, temporary email address which expires after 10 minutes. You can repeatedly extend the time by 10 minutes. To read any received emails, just refresh the page. This is useful if you need to register at a Website but you do not want to give them your actual email address.
AnonEmailSend emails for free using an online form without revealing your real email address or any information about your identity.
Anonymous SpeechSend and receive emails anonymously and for free. This service is not based in the USA nor Europe and will not respond to inquiries made by these governments. Features: anonymous IP, SSL encryption, encrypted user ID and password, PGP, and more.
Hide My Ass emailFree anonymous email addresses: receive emails, stop spam and protect your online identity. Create a disposable inbox and set when your emails get deleted.
MailinatorFree disposable email addresses.
Melt MailTemporary and anonymous email forwarding. You can configure your temporary email address to 'melt away' in three, six, 12 or 24 hours.
TempEMailFree anonymous, temporary, disposable email addresses for receiving email (it is not possible to send email). All email can be viewed by anyone, all email addresses and messages expire after 14 days.
TheAnonymousEmailSend and receive email messages anonymously and for free.
Free mail forwarding services
Emails sent to your free email account will forwarded to your local email account. Read and send your emails using your email program. Please note that for these services you will need a local email account.
[email protected]Free email forward addresses with a wide choice of available domains.
TreePad X Enterprise
384 Gigabyte Personal Information Manager and Word Processor.
Intuitive and versatile, including Website Generator, spellchecker, thesaurus, attachments, search engine, recycle bin, and much more! For Windows and Linux/Wine.
Click here to get the free evaluation version.
Free Mailing Lists and groups
A mailing list service allows you to send emails to a relatively large group of people (newsletter), or to have a moderated mailing list (discussion group) where subscribers can post their own messages.
Please note that the people receiving these messages have voluntarily subscribed to your list, and can unsubscribe from it at any time.
This is not to be confused with spamming, which is the act of sending email to large groups of people who never asked for it.
Aardvark MailinglistFree opt-in mailing lists and newsletters for your web site.
FreeListsFree mailing list provider - especially for Internet and technology related mailings. It does not pose any limits on the number of mails you are sending, the size of each email, or the number of subscribers to your list.
Google groupsCreate your own discussion group and invite people to join it.
NotifyListFree mailing list provider with strict anti-spam policies.
Yahoo GroupsAllows for free mailing lists of almost any type, moderated or non-moderated. Easily configurable options. Yahoo might append advertisements to your messages.
Free Mailing List Scripts
Dada MailA free mailing list manager script for running verified, closed loop opt-in subscription-based mailing lists.
Online collaboration
Google moderatorAllows you to create a series about anything that you are interested in discussing and open it up for people to submit questions, ideas, or suggestions. Anyone can come to the site and submit a question, idea, or vote, and anyone can vote.
Non-free email services
BluebottlePOP, SMTP, Webmail, IMAP, SSL, 250 Mb storage from $ 9.95 per year.
HushmailFree web-based email account with encryption, virus scan and spam-filter.
Lycos mailWeb based, POP, IMAP, SMTP email with 5 Gb storage, domain & address blocking, spamfilter and virus checking. From $ 19.95 per year.
MailSPPop, IMAP, SMTP and Web-based email for $ 1.95 per month.
NetaddressPop, IMAP, SMTP, mobile (WML/HDML) and Webbased email for $5.95 per Month or $39.99 per year.
PoboxPOP, IMAP, SMTP, forwarding, spam protection and more. From $ 20 per year.
RunboxPOP, IMAP, SMTP, Webmail, spam, virus filter and more from $ 19.95 per year.
Sneakemail.comDisposable email addresses.
Send very large files for free
Free services which allow sending files of 50 Mb or even 1 Gb.
HightailThe free Lite account offers: sending files of up to 250 Mb and 2 Gb storage.
mailbigfile.comSend files large files for free. It has free and non-free account types. The free account type has a maximum file size of 200 Mb.
SendThisFileSend very large files to anybody and free file sharing. It offers various levels of service. The lowest (free) level has a file-limit of 2 Gb.
SendToolSend files of up to 16 Mb for free.
Transfer Big FilesThe free account type allows for sending files of up to 100 Mb and offers 1 Gb of storage.
Other free email services
FutureMailFree service which lets you send messages to yourself and have them delivered on any date and time. Useful for reminders, birthday alerts, etc.
Free Email Programs
EudoraGood email program for Windows, MAC and Palm.
EvolutionFreeware, open-source email program for Linux/Gnome.
IncredimailFree program for writing and sending nice-looking emails (including backgrounds, animated icons, etc.).
JBMailPortable, small and secure plain-text email client which runs on Windows and Linux/wine. This mail program is more secure than most others, because: (1) it offers direct access to your email server. This means that you can delete spams and viruses directly on the server without downloading them first. (2) it never interprets/executes HTML messages (it converts all HTML to plain text), (3) it never shows images, (4) it never automatically executes/opens attachments.
Also: SMTP + authentication, SSL/TLS, attachments, PGP, view mail as plain text. Freeware for Windows.
Mozilla ThunderbirdFree email program for Windows, MAC and Linux with spam filtering, message search, and customizable views.
MulberryFree email program for MAC, Linux and Windows.
PegasusFreeware email program for Windows and DOS.
Phoenix MailAn open source email client for Windows (and Linux?). Developed using Delphi. The program is no longer updated.
Free Email Archivers
MailBaseA free email archiving program for Windows. It runs in the background and keeps a copy of all incoming and outgoing emails without interfering with your regular email program. It allows one to create an archive of incoming and outgoing emails, reducing the risk of losing important information. Before an email is sent or received, MailBase creates a copy of it and stores it in your desired location. Using the MailBase control panel, you can look through and retrieve these emails at any time, even if you have deleted them from your inbox.
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Home Page Made EasyA site specialized in giving information on how to get, create and promote homepages the easy way. It is meant primarily for the Net-citizen who is not that comfortable with all that technical stuff such as HTML coding and Java-scripts.
TreePad X Enterprise
384 Gigabyte Personal Information Manager and Word Processor.
Intuitive and versatile, including Website Generator, spellchecker, thesaurus, attachments, search engine, recycle bin, and much more! For Windows and Linux/Wine.
Click here to get the free evaluation version.
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If you know of any free quality email services which are not listed on this page, please let us know!
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