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Free PCB Design Tools
Free Circuit Design/Simulation Tools
Electronic Circuits & Projects
Connector and Pin-out reference
Vacuum Tubes
CRT Tubes
Tesla Coils
Special Oscillators
Electronics parts
Music and Electronics
Digital Signal Processing
Microprocessors, Microcontrollers, Embedded
Microcontroller & Microprocessor Programming
FPGA's, Programmable logic
Electro Mechanics
Wind powered devices
Human powered devices
Retro Electronics
Electronics Tutorials
Online Electronics Education
Electronics News
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Free PCB Design Tools
DesignSpark PCBFree PCB layout tool and schematic capture program. It runs on Windows and Linux/Wine.
FreePCBFreeware open-source printed circuit board layout editor for Windows.
PCBAn interactive printed circuit board editor for Unix/X11. It includes a rats nest feature, auto-router, trace optimizer, design rule checking, and can provide RS-274-X (Gerber), NC drill, and centroid data (X-Y data) output for use in the board fabrication and assembly process.
PCB ArtistA free schematic capture and PCB Layout program for Windows.
Free Circuit Design/Simulation Tools
LT SpiceFree simulation and design software for analog an mixed signals. Runs on Windows.
OrCAD DemoFree OrCAD Demo program, which includes demo versions of: OrCAD Capture CIS, PSpice A/D, OrCAD Layout, and SPECCTRA for OrCAD. The limitations of this demo are in the size and complexity of the design.
Solve ElecFreeware program for MAC and Windows to draw and analyze electrical circuits.
Spice model indexLarge alphabetical list of links to sites having spice models.
Spice modelsVarious spice models and (sub)circuits.
TinyCADFreeware open-source program for drawing circuits running on Windows. It includes drawing libraries, a SPICE template engine and can export to PCB design programs.
XCircuitOpen-source circuit-design program for Unix/X11.
Electronic Circuits & Projects
Bowden's Hobby CircuitsOver 100 circuit diagrams, links to related sites, commercial kits and projects, newsgroups and educational areas.
CXICXI stands for "Circuit Exchange International". CXI contains ten categories of schematics, a unified circuit analysis, design and theory page, and also a practical electronic section.
delabsFree Electronics Circuits Archive with some Technical Documents
Discover CircuitsA collection of 11,000+ electronic circuits or electronic schematics cross-referenced into 500+ categories to find quick solutions for electronic design problems.
Electronic SurveillanceFree schematics for electronics surveillance and intelligence, free RTF (video/audio) wireless transmitter circuits.
Electronics and Radio TodayFree information, articles, and projects for the radio and/or electronics hobbyist.
Electronics LabFree electronics circuits with full description, diagrams and PCB, electronics articles, links, downloads, electronic community.
Electronics Project DesignPractical electronics project schematics, parts list, component descriptions, product testing and other references for electronics hobbyist and electronics designer.
FC's Electronic CircuitsFree Circuit Archive
Hack a DayProjects most of which consists of 'hacking' (modifying) existing hardware.
Homo ludens electronicusFree electronics projects including schematics.
Laurier's Handy Dandy
Little Circuits
Free circuits and projects complete with instructions and schematics by Laurier Gendron.
Open ElectronicsOpen source electronics projects, mostly microprocessor-related.
Rimstar.orgTons of interesting projects. You can find their videos on Youtube, here.
Sam Electronic CircuitsFree schematics of electronic circuits for the hobbyist. The site is in Greek and English.
Simple Circuit DiagramVarious circuits organized by category: audio and music, oscillators, power supply, radio frequency, security, test and measurement and more.
Techlib.comRecommended! Free electronics circuits organized by category, hobby ideas, science, reference, etc.
Connector and Pin-out reference
ChipdirNumerically and functionally ordered chip lists, chip pin-outs and lists of manufacturers, electronics books, CDROM's, magazines and links.
Packaging InformationA large number of IC and transistor packages and their dimensions. For example: PDIP, SPDIP, QFN, BGA, metal can, etc.
The Hardware BookFree collection of connector pinouts and cable descriptions.
Resistor CalculatorCalculates the color code from the resistor value and vice versa. It can also calculate the required resistor value for LED circuits.
Vacuum Tubes
Frank's electron Tube
Data sheets
Vacuum tubes datasheets.
Vacuum Tube AmplifiersTutorial on how do tube amplifiers work.
Hand-Made Vacuum TubesClaude Paillard constructs his own vacuum tubes by hand. The site is in french but it contains a lot of photo's and a 17-minute video where you can see him constructing a Vacuum tube from scratch.
Space Charge Tubes12-V vacuum tubes and related projects.
Steve's Tube PagesSchematics, datasheets and other tube-related information.
The Superheterodyne
A beginner's guide to the superheterodyne principle using Vacuum Tubes.
A follow-up article on this subject can be found here: Receiver Technology.
Vacuum tube
biasing methods
Tutorial which describes the most common methods of obtaining negative bias voltages in vaccuum tube circuits. See also the introductory article What's inside Vacuum tubes.
CRT Tubes
Cathode CornerVarious clock-related electronics projects including a digital clock on a CRT.
Homemade Cathode Ray TubesPage by Nyle Steiner on making CRT's including images and descriptions.
Tesla Coils
Information UnlimitedTesla coil plans, parts and kits (non-free).
Small Tesla CoilHow to design a small tesla coil.
Solid state Tesla coilTesla coil schematics and pictures using Mosfets, transistors and a TL494 (pulse-width modulation controller IC).
Solid state tesla coil
with 555 timer
Small Tesla coil circuit using a 555 timer IC and a power transistor.
Tesla Coil Construction GuideTutorial for building your own Tesla coil.
TeslaMapFree Telsa Coil design program for Windows
TreePad X Enterprise
384 Gigabyte Personal Information Manager and Word Processor.
Intuitive and versatile, including Website Generator, spellchecker, thesaurus, attachments, search engine, recycle bin, and much more! For Windows and Linux/Wine.
Click here to get the free evaluation version.
Crystal Radio CircuitsVarious projects, like a simple crystal radio, one-transistor amplifier/detector, LF and RF amplifier, very high gain crystal earphone amplifier, two-transistor radio, experiments with detector diodes.
Dave's Homemade RadiosSchematics, part-lists, photo's and descriptions of Dave's homemade radios, amplifiers and antennas.
FM Crystal RadioDetailed instruction and photographs on building an FM crystal radio.
Gollum's Crystal Receiver WorldCrystal receivers construction projects, schematics, tips and tricks.
Home made radioVery clear and practical page on building (crystal) radios and how they work.
Homemade CohererA coherer is a type of radio-signal detector which was used around 1900. This article shows how to create your own coherer using just metal filings and a few pieces of metal.
The XTal set societyWebsite dedicated to building (and experimenting with) radios and crystal receivers.
Special Oscillators
Carbon Arc RF OscillatorA radio frequency oscillator using a capacitor, a coil and a carbon arc (it functions using 450V DC but without any active components such as tubes or transistors).
Neon Relaxation OscillatorAn oscillator consisting of a neon bulb connected across the capacitor in an RC circuit.
Electronics parts
4 Star ElectronicsSupplier of obsolete electronics components.
ConradBig online shop for electronics components and related products.
Digi-KeyOnline shop for electronics parts. USA-based.
electronics-eomA large index of electronics manufacturers on the Net, ordered by category or alphabetically.
Electronix ExpressOnline electronics store based in New Jersey, USA.
Electrospec Obsolete
Electronic Parts
Supplier of discontinued end of life electronic parts
FindChips.comSearch engine, which searches the inventory of over 20 distributors for all types of electronics, including passives, connectors, optoelectronics, chips, and more.
Radio RotorOnline shop based in the Netherlands.
Segor-electronicsOnline shop for electronics components in Germany.
SphereLots of interesting used electronics parts and test equipment.
The Electronics Source BookSearch engine for finding electronics components, manufacturers and distributors.
WireTronicSpecialized in all types of wire, including resistance wire, tungsten wire, magnet wire, litz wire, nickel alloys, copper silver, platinum, palladium, tungsten, titanium, stainless steel, etc.
Chip Directory
Datasheet Catalog
Datasheet Locator
Music and Electronics
E-Music DIY ArchiveSchematics, manuals, reference, information related to electronic music.
Synthesizer Schematics
Various synthesizer-related schematics."Dedicated to those intrepid souls who build their own electronic musical instruments".
Synth DIYSite dedicated to synthesizers and do-it-yourself synthesizer building.
Synthesizer DIY pagesFree electronics cicruits for analog synthesizers, such as: VCO's, VCA's, filters, a noice generator, ADSR envelope generators, etc.
Digital Signal Processing
dspGuruOnline reference information, tutorials for beginners, tips and insights of interest to intermediate and advanced DSPers, DSP-related links, open source software for use in Digital Signal Processing.
Microprocessors, Microcontrollers, Embedded
ArduinoAn open-source processing platform based on the Atmel AVR microcontroller.
AVR FreaksWebsite devoted to the popular AVR microcontroller family.
Beagle BoardLow-cost, single-board computer with an ARM processor, 128 Mb, memory, SVideo, USB and a number of standard PC peripherals.
eg3Information related to embedded systems, fpga's, rtos, etc.
Hawk BoardLow-cost, single-board computer with an ARM processor, 128 Mb, memory, VGA, USB (OTG), ethernet, serial port, Sata, MMC/SD, audio in/out, video in.
I2C Bus OverviewUseful site containing lots of information on the I2C bi-directional 2-wire bus.
I2C-Bus.orgThe I2C-bus home page.
Lakeview ResearchA developer's resource for computer interfacing, especially USB, mass storage, serial (COM) ports, Ethernet and Internet communications for embedded systems, and parallel port.
PropellerLow-cost, high-performance processor containing eight (32-bit, 80 Mhz) processors, 32Kb Rom and 32Kb Ram on one chip which allows for real simultaneous multi-processing. The Propeller chip can be programmed in both the high-level language 'Spin', and assembly.
Various low-cost evaluation kits are available for around $ 100, such as the Propeller Starter Kit.
See also these links and this Wikipedia article.
SPI - Serial Peripheral InterfaceA good introduction on the Serial Peripheral Interface.
Microcontroller & Microprocessor Programming
8085 SDKIntegrated IDE for 8085 development. It includes an assembler, editor, debugger, simulator, help file and other tools.
AS Free Macro Assembler supporting a variety of microprocessors:
- Motorola 68000..68040,683xx incl. 
           Coprocessor and MMU,
           6800, 6805, 68HC08, 6809, 
           68(HC)11, 68HC12, 68HC16
- Hitachi  6301, 6309, H8/300(H), 
           H8/500, SH7000/7600/7700
- Rockwell 6502, 65(S)C02
- CMD      65816
- Mitsubishi MELPS-740, MELPS-7700, 
           MELPS-4500, M16, M16C
- Intel    4004, MCS-48/41, MCS-51/251, 
           8080/8085, i960
- Signetics 8X30x
- Philips  XA
- Atmel    AVR
- AMD      29K
- Siemens  80C166/167
- Zilog    Z80, Z180, Z380, Z8
- Toshiba TLCS-900(L), TLCS-90, 
          TLCS-870, TLCS-47
- Microchip PIC16C54..16C57, 
- SGS-Thomson ST6, ST7, ST9, 6804
- Texas Instruments TMS32010/32015, 
           TMS320C6x, TMS9900, 
           TMS7000, TMS370xxx
- National Semiconductor SC/MP, COP8, SC144xx
- Fairchild ACE
- NEC PD78(C)1x, PD75xxx (alias 75K0), 
           PD78xxx (alias 78K0)
           PD77230 (alias 75K0), 
           PD78xxx (alias 78K0)
           PD7720/7725, PD77230
- Fujitsu  FMC8L
- Symbios  Logic SYM53C8xx 
ASEM-51A two-pass macro assembler for the Intel MCS-51 family of microcontrollers. It is running on the PC under MS-DOS, Windows and Linux.
EASy68KEditor, assembler, simulator and IDE for the 68000 instruction set. Freeware for Windows.
HXACross assembler supporting 6502-family processors (6502, 65C02, R65C02, W65C02S, W65C816S).
Z390Portable mainframe macro assembler, linker, and emulator. Freeware, open-source, created in Java.
FPGA's, Programmable logic
fpga4fun.comFPGA projects, tutorials and boards.
John's FPGA PageVHDL reference & tutorials; FPGA boards, design tools & projects.
FPGA linksLinks to FPGAs and programmable logic devices.
RobotProgFreeware robot-simulation program for MAC and Windows. First you draw the flowchart, then you run the program and watch one or more robots executing your program.
Electro Mechanics
RepRapA free desktop 3D printer capable of printing plastic objects. The design of the printer is free, but you have to build it yourself. The device is partially self-replicating, it can be used to print 50% of its own parts. See also Thingiverse.
MikroKopterBuild your own micro helicopter.
Cupcake CNCA 3D printer (or rapid prototyping CNC machine) kit for $ 750.
Wind powered devices
Chispito Wind GeneratorHow to guild a Chispito wind generator.
DIY 1000 watt wind turbineDetailed instructions on how to build a 1000 watt wind turbine including the generator part.
How I home-built an
electricity producing
Wind turbine
How to build a Wind turbine using an electric motor as a generator.
Scoraig Wind ElectricNumerous plans and articles on creating wind generators.
Human powered devices
Dynamo FlashlightSchematics of a dynamo flashlight. German language.
Freeplay EnergyAffordable human-powered products with a hand crank to generate electricity, such as: radios, flashlights, 12 V power generators.
Shake it like a Tic-Tac!Schematics for a rechargeable led flashlight powered by magnets housed in the obligatory mints container.
Shake led flashlightHow to make your own hand powered shake led flashlight.
Retro Electronics
Vintage Calculators
Web Museum
Mechanical and early electronic desk calculators, strange hand-held calculators. articles, photographs, and databases from the archives of the International Association of Calculator Collectors. Information and photographs for those interested in the history of technology.
Electronics Tutorials
All About CircuitsA series of online texts on electricity and electronics for both students and hobbyists.
Basic Circuits of
Operational Amplifiers
Operational amplifiers explained, including Java-applets which simulate various opamp principles.
Electrolytic capacitorsWhat makes those "cans" tick, and how not to make them blow up.
Electronics 2000A beginners guide to project building, technical data, interactive formulae calculators, software downloads, links to other sites and more.
Electronics TutorialsOver 120 free individual electronics tutorials covering a very wide range of electronics.
ElectronicsTheory.comFree online electronics course.
Lessons In Electric CircuitsA free series of textbooks on the subjects of electricity and electronics. Recommended!
NEETSElectricity and electronics classes as PDF files. Navy Electricity and Electronics Training Series, free download.
Radio ReceiversExcellent online book on all types of radio receivers, including theory, practical examples and working schematics.
Radio-Electronics.comFree information, articles, tutorials and data for the radio and electronics industries about all aspects of radio and electronics.
The Basic Soldering GuideHelps beginners and novices to obtain effective results when soldering electronic components.
the Electronics ClubVery good practical starting point for beginners.
The Play-Hookey
Computers, digital logic, dc electronic theory, ac electronic theory, oscillators, op amps, analog circuits, optics.
Tuned circuitsWhat makes those "cans" tick, and how not to make them blow up.
Electronics Components
Online book explaining resistors, capacitors, transformers, transistors, integrated circuits, etc. Includes theory as well as practical examples.
Technical books online!A large number of free electronics books (from the vacuum tube age) as PDF.
Online Electronics Education
World CollegeOnline Bachelor's degrees in computer systems and electronics engineering for $100 per month.
Cleveland Institute of ElectronicsVarious associate degrees and other courses in Electronics and Information Technology.
Electronics News
EE Times Online
Electronic news
Semiconductor International

Free Electronics Resources
AudiologicaArticles and tutorials on DIY audio electronics.
DigiBarnThe DigiBarn Computer Museum
DIY Links ResourceA wealth of electronics-related links organized by category.
Electronics HobbyistArticles, tutorials, links, etc.
Electronics Symbols: wikibooksWikibooks page containing electronics symbols.
Electronics Symbols: wmf and gifElectronics symbols which you can download as WMF or GIF files.
ePanorama.netUseful, large electronics portal and reference site.
FreePatentsOnline.comFree, fast and easy-to-use access to millions of patents and patent applications, including a patent search engine, an ever-expanding data collection.
Tangentsoft ElectronicsElectronics projects, articles, tutorials and book reviews.
The Hobby Electronics
from Japan
Circuits, tutorials, resources, electronics software, etc.
TKB-4u"The Technical Knowledge Base for You": articles, information and news related to electronics.
US Patent SearchEnter the US patent number and download full issued patents and patent applications for free.
WebEESchematics, tutorials, online calculators, newsgroups, magazines, etc.
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and Projects
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Reference Desk
Free online encyclopedias, maps, satellite images, electronics, computing, physics, science, etc.
Freebyte Music ZoneFree MP3 files, midi files, free music videos, free sheet music, free samples and loops, online music lessons, music and audio search engines, etc.
Free ComputersFree used and recycled computers, mostly for schools, non-profit organizations and disadvantaged individuals.
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Free File and Disk utilitiesVarious file and disk utilities.
Free Programming ToolsFree programming tools for Windows, Linux, etc. Free C++, C, Delphi, Basic, Assembler, Cobol, Pascal, Java, SQL, Databases; links to free compilers, databases, interpreters, IDE's, installers, components, libraries, languages, helpfile generators and more.
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