Interpreting the results
In the example above, the report is created for the folder 'c:\documents and settings'. As can be seen above, this folder contains 582 Mb of data (or 582 766 592 bytes), and the report is generated on November 08, 2003.
As you can also see, the folder 'All Users' (62.451 Mb large) is visible as well. It is contained in the 'documents and settings folder'. According to Disktective the folder 'All Users' takes up around 62 Mb.
The 'All Users' folder expanded so that the space distribution within that folder is shown. We can see that 'Application Data' is the biggest user of space inside the 'All Users' folder. It uses up around 55 Mb.
When we expand the folder 'Application data' as shown in the screenshot above (by clicking on the little '+' sign next to it), we can find out what subdirectories inside that folder are responsible for the 55 Mb used in 'Application data'.
In the screenshot below you can see that the folder 'Microsoft' eats up more than 49 Mb of space.
We can drill down more levels to get additional information on how the used space is distributed inside the 'Microsoft' folder.
For further reading, please see
Pie chart display
Disktective toolbar and menus
Disktective settings screen

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