What is disktective?
Disktective is a convenient freeware disk-reporting tool that enables you to find out the real size of your directories and distribution of used disk space.
Each directory on your harddisk may contain hundreds of subdirectories each of which can contain many files. To find the distribution of used space inside all of these directories, you need Disktective!
Simply run Disktective and let the program create a complete report displaying the real sizes of all directories and their containing subdirectories.
Disktective has two panes, the tree pane on the left, and the pie pane on the right.
The tree-part (left pane) of Disktective is shown below.
In this example, it show the contents of the folder 'c:\Documents and Settings', and the size of each of its sub-directories in bytes.
The right pane shows a pie-chart of the directory which is selected in the left pane. If you click on a directory in the (left) tree-pane, you will see in the right pane a pie-chart of that directory. The pie-chart is not shown at program startup, but only after there is data to display - you need to run Disktective first to create a set of data.
An image of a pie-chart created by Disktective is shown below:
Pie charts can be printed. Reports can be exported to a Disktective file, a TreePad file or an HTML file.

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