Freeware disk-space reporting program for Windows
Version 4.0
Freeware for Windows 95, 98, ME, NT, 2000, XP


Running out of disk space? Don't know what's eaten it? Then run Disktective, our award-winning disk-reporting tool, to trace used-up space on your system.
With Disktective you can find out the real size of your directories and distribution of used space inside them. Each directory may contain hundreds of subdirectories each containing many files. Simply run Disktective and let Disktective create a complete report displaying the real sizes of all directories and their containing subdirectories.


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Installation and use
Disktective does not need to be installed. Just copy the program files onto your harddisk, double click on the .exe file and Disktective will start.

License and platforms
Freeware for Windows 95, 98, ME, NT 4.0, 2000 and XP. This program is freeware for corporate and personal use, so you can run this program in any commercial or non-commercial setting.

You can download Disktective directly from this page.
Download: disktec.zip (479 Kb).

We have made two versions of the Disktective manual available:
  (1) online Disktective manual. Just click on this link and the manual will open in your Web browser.
  (2) The downloadable disktec.zip program file also contains a version of the manual, in TreePad format. To read this version of the manual, you can download the freeware TreePad Viewer program.

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New features in version 4.0
* Totally new and improved user-interface
* Much faster program operation
* Creates reports of disks and directories of many Gigabytes
* Integrated Pie-chart display
* Print Pie-chart
* Export to TreePad files
* New toolbar with seven new buttons (start, stop, export, print, open, etc.)
* Support for Windows XP themes/skinning
* New online Disktective manual
* New downloadable Disktective manual (TreePad format)

Link to Disktective
Disktective PAD file:../disktective/disktec.xml
Disktective 4.x icon


Awards for Disktective
Disktective received from FileCart
the Award of Excellence (5 stars out of 5).
Disktective is awarded 5 stars by NoNags
SofoTex has granted the excellent rating of 5 stars to Disktective.
Disktective is awarded the top score of 5 stars by BrotherSoft.
Disktective receives the excellent rating of 4 stars from Softaward.com
Disktective is awarded the excellent rating of 4 stars by SoftPicks.net.


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Usage and copyright
This program is freeware for corporate and personal use.
You can distribute and include this program on CD-Rom's, Websites, bulletin-boards, Portals, etc. provided you do not modify the program's .zip file and it must be clear that the program is freeware or shareware.
You can distribute and include this program as part of shareware/freeware collections provided you do not modify the program's .zip file.

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