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Other Sources on the Internet
IFER Internet Finite Element Resourses is a brilliant compilation of Finite Element Analysis resources on the internet and serves to support the finite element analysis community.
Air-X From the company that makes air-cooled heat exchangers for those who need thermodynamic and energy conversion analysis software they have a great list here with other engg software too.
EERN The Engineering Employment & Resource Network maintains a shareware page. The list categorises the shareware according to it's field of application eg. machine design, fluid power, themodynamics, structures, CAD/CAE etc.
Thermal Freebies A listing of internet web-sites distributing free software for various Thermal applications.
ASME A software database courtesy the American Society of Mechanical Engineers. It's a huge database on all things related to engineering however not all the software listed is for free, still worse a lot of the software is Dos based, unfriendly and obsolete. Anyway, if you can see diamonds in the coal good for you.
Simtel A huge repository of shareware and freeware. Enter the word of the software you're looking for and it will list what's available for download. Nearly all the software is shareware, so if you did'nt like the ASME above, you sure ain't gonna like this either.
Casti An excellent listing of Engineering Software in multiple categories.
TreePad X Enterprise
384 Gigabyte Personal Information Manager and Word Processor.
Intuitive and versatile, including Website Generator, spellchecker, thesaurus, attachments, search engine, recycle bin, and much more! For Windows and Linux/Wine.
Click here to get the free evaluation version.
Related Freebyte Pages
Assorted CAD SoftwareVarious free and trial versions of CAD-related systems and software.
Cad UtilitiesVarious CAD-related programs and utilities.
Finite Element AnalysisFree and demo Finite Element Analysis and optimization software.
Free CAD Software2D/3D CAD systems, electrical CAD systems, architectural CAD systems, reverse engineering tools, CAD management systems.
Free CAD/CAM SoftwareCAD/CAM systems and CNC simulation software.
Free Dynamic SimulationFree Dynamic Simulation software.
Online CAD CalculatorsOnline CAD calculators, spreadsheets and engineering computation tools.
Related CAD LinksMore resources and companies in the area CAD software.
Thermal Analysis SoftwareThermal modeling and analysis software.
Help Downloading
and Installing Software
Help on handling ZIP files, handling Separate installation files, backing up large files, download interruptions.
Free Graphics
Free Paint Programs, Free Image Viewers, Free Photo Albums, Free graphics converters, 2-D Animation Software, 3-D / Animation software and more!
Free Programming ToolsFree programming tools for Windows, Linux, etc. Free C++, C, Delphi, Basic, Assembler, Cobol, Pascal, Java, SQL, Databases; links to free compilers, databases, interpreters, IDE's, installers, components, libraries, languages, helpfile generators and more.
Free Office SoftwareFree office suites, word processors, desktop publishing, text editors, personal databases, diagram software, presentation programs, fonts, document viewers, PDF utilities, thesauri, spellcheckers, document converters, etc.
Free System and
Administrator utilities
Free process viewers, system analysis tools, network monitoring tools, registry tools, task schedulers.
Free File and Disk utilitiesVarious file and disk utilities.
Free Encryption and
Computer Security
Free file, disk and email encryption software; free password managers, free data wiping tools, firewalls, computer vulnerability tests.
Free Operating SystemsFree operating systems, such as: Linux, FreeBSD, Windows clones, emulators and much more. Also: interesting alternative commercial operating systems.
Information Wanted!
If you know of any good CAD programs to be listed in this section, please let us know
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