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Handling ZIP files
Handling Separate installation files
Backing up large files
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Handling ZIP files
Almost all software downloaded from the internet is compressed to reduce the number of bytes. These programs when downloaded come with the file extension <filename>.zip to uncompress them on your computer you need an unzip program.

WinZip , a shareware unzip program is available at After installing WinZip on your computer, click the right button of your mouse with the pointer over whatever the downloaded <filename>.zip is and select "Extract To.." and specify which directory you want the uncompressed files to be stored in. To continue using this software beyond the license period you will have to pay for it.

Freebyte ZIP is a freeware unzip program. It does the same job as WinZip, but it is totally free! Freebyte ZIP is created by, and can be downloaded for free at

Handling separate installation files
If the downloaded files come separately so that they can be saved on floppies extract the compressed files to your disk drive A:, these will then be your installation disks. Insert the first disk in and run the setup.exe it will take you through the complete installation. After installing the software, delete the downloaded <> files to save hard disk space and keep the installation floppies properly labelled.
Backing up large files
If the sizes of the downloaded files are too large to copy to a floppy, copy them to a temporary directory and install the software. To store backup copies of the oversized files in floppies, you'll need a file splitter program, available for free at
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