Protection against boot-virusus
Version 2.0, freeware

A boot virus is a virus that is transmitted during computer startup. A common way of getting infected (by a boot virus) is to leave a floppy in your computer during shutdown. If that floppy is infected with a boot-virus, your computer's harddisk will very probably be infected the next time you start your computer.

Supported platforms
This program runs on Windows 7, XP, Vista, 200x, NT, 9x and all 64 bit editions of Windows.

How does it work?
Bootminder will warn you if a floppy is in your A: drive when you are closing down Windows. If you then take out the disk from that drive, the next time you start your computer, it will not boot from that floppy. This reduces your chances of a boot-virus infection.

Installation and use
Automatic installation procedure. Bootminder runs quietly in the background, you will automatically get a warning when you forget to remove your floppy! Easy un-install instructions (see readme.txt). Freeware.

You can download Bootminder by clicking on the link below.
Download: (109 Kb).

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