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On this page you will find truly free anti-virus software, free firewalls, free email protection software, free virus prevention software, tests of anti-virus programs, links to specialized anti-virus sites, information about virus prevention, useful evaluation versions of anti-virus software, etc..
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Free virus scanners
Non free virus scanners
Free virus removal tools
Free virus prevention
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TreePad™ X Enterprise (single-user) represents the 'next generation' Personal Database, Word Processor and Organizer with the unique ability to access, edit, store and search databases of up to 384 Gigabytes.
Additionally, you can open up to eight databases simultaneously. TreePad X Enterprise has been redesigned from the ground up using the most advanced database technology for maximum performance and reliability.

Features: multi-featured search, spellcheck in 20+ languages, thesaurus, recycle bin, attachments (insert files of any type and reasonable size), bookmarks, character map, history, favorites, multiple import/export, images, sort, auto-number, hyperlinks, and much more!

With the look and feel of the Windows Explorer, TreePad offers a highly intuitive, versatile and efficient way to edit, format, organize and store your data!

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Truly free Virus Scanners
Virus scanners operate by searching your harddisk(s) for files which might be infected by a virus. This method is never 100% secure, since only known viruses (or known virus patterns) are detected. If an infection has been detected in a certain file, the virus scanner might be able to clean the file, but very often this is not the case. In that case, you can try another scanner to clean the file, you can try to replace the file or - as a last resort - delete it.
However, if many important operating system files are affected, it might be the best solution to reformat the harddisk and install the operating system from scratch.
There are even viruses can not be cleaned by mere hard-disk reformatting. E.g. so-called boot-viruses infect the boot-sector of disks, and will very often not be removed by simply reformatting the harddisk. In this case you will need to repair the boot-sector, a good utility for this can be found in Norton Utilities (not free).
Antidote Super Lite version Freeware lite version of the commercial Antidote program. It utilizes the same virus database as the commercial version.
Anti-vir Free anti-virus software for Windows. Detects and removes more than 50,000 viruses. Free support.
Avast! Anti-virus program for Windows 9x/Me, NT/2000/XP. The home edition is free for noncommercial users.
AVG Free edition Free anti-virus program for Windows.
BitDefender Freeware virus scanners for Linux, MS Dos, Palm, Windows CE, ICQ, Messenger.
Clamb av Freeware, GPL, Linux. Clam AntiVirus is a GPL anti-virus toolkit for UNIX. The main purpose of this software is the integration with mail servers (attachment scanning). The package provides a flexible and scalable multi-threaded daemon, a command line scanner, and a tool for automatic updating via Internet.
FProt Free anti-virus software for Linux, FreeBSD and DOS (personal use). Evaluation version for Windows.
HandyBits Free for personal use. Virus 'scanner integrator'. After performing an auto-search for installed virus scanners, it will scan your files using all found installed virus scanners. This can be useful, since some antiviral programs are good for one type of viruses, other programs for other viruses.
HouseCall Free anti-virus software. Runs in your Web browser (Netscape 3.01 or higher, Explorer 3.0 or higher) while scanning your drive(s).
Panda Active Scan Our free tool for detecting and eliminating viruses from your computer. Installs as an ActiveX control in your Web browser (Internet Explorer 4.0 or higher).
PC Pitstop A large number of online computer and Internet related tests, including a virus scan and spyware test. The free virus scanner installs itself as an ActiveX control inside your Internet Explorer 4.0 or higher.
Symantec Security Check A number of online tests (run in your Web browser), including a virus scan. Internet Explorer 5.0 or higher required.
VCatch Free virus scanner for Windows, including email protection and protection while browsing the Web.
Non-free Virus Scanners
The programs below you can try out for free for a certain time. During this trial period they can be very helpful. You need to spend a little bit of money should you decide to use them beyond that period.
Command AntiVirus Useful 30-day trial versions for Windows, Linux, Netware, DOS, Exchange, Lotus Notes
eSafe Anti-virus software for Windows 95/98/NT/2000/XP.
InVircible Detects viruses, Worms, Trojans, Hacking tools, backdoors, etc. utilizing generic methods: without needing a virus-pattern database. An example of a generic virus-detection method is: detecting code installing itself to be activated at system startup or 'shell open'. InVircible uses many different generic methods simultaneously.
Solo Detection and removal of viruses. The system integrity checker protects against Internet Worms, Backdoor programs, malicious VB and Java scripts. 30-day anti-virus trial versions.
McAfee 30-day anti-virus evaluation versions.
NOD32 25-day anti-virus evaluation versions. Program is less than 2 MB in size, contains active virus monitor, pop3 scanner, and on-demand scanner.
Protector PLUS 30-day anti-virus evaluation versions. Versions for Windows (all flavours), DOS and Netware.
QuickHeal 30-day anti-virus evaluation versions.
Kaspersky Useful trial versions available for: Linux, DOS, Windows. Real-time protection against: trojans, backdoors, logic bombs, macro viruses, etc.
Norman Anti-virus and firewall trial versions for Windows, Linux, Novell, OS/2.
Norton Anti Virus Anti-virus trial versions.
Panda Software Anti-virus trial versions.
Sophos Anti-virus trial versions.

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Free Virus Removal tools
BitDefender Free virus removal tools for a number of viruses.
Free Virus prevention
Bootminder Prevents infection from boot-viruses through floppies. Created by Freebyte.
BitDefender Free protection tools for the following messaging programs: ICQ, Yahoo! Messenger, NetMeeting, MSN Messenger and mIRC info.
AnalogX AnalogX Script Defender protects against script viruses (those viruses using e.g. Visual Basic Script, Java Script). Gives a warning when scripts are executed.
VCatch Free (advertisement-supported) virus protection program to protect your computer from viruses sent to you or downloaded from the Internet. When VCatch is active it will check all the files sent or downloaded to your computer. When VCatch detects a virus it automatically deletes the infected file and notifies you.
VCatch supports and cooperates with: Microsoft Outlook, Outlook Express, Eudora, Netscape Messenger, Internet Explorer, Netscape Navigator, ICQ, Napster, iMesh, Gnutella.
VCatch updates itself automatically through the Internet when a new virus is discovered.
Email protection
Mail Washer FREE This very useful freeware program enables you to delete virus emails and spams directly on the mail server before download. This not only saves costs and time, but also reduces the risk of virus infection.
Other features: bounce mails, blacklist mail sources, preview, show mail headers, filtering.
GFI Email
security test
Due to the unsafe design of some email programs, email viruses now are able to infect computer systems just by email. Once infected, a computer system can spread the virus further by sending malicious emails to other systems without any human interference. Well designed email programs do not display these vulnerabilities. Unfortunately, commercial success is not related to good design...
Virus scanners (please see above) can offer good protection against email viruses by scanning each incoming mail, but will never protect against 100% of all attacks, since it is impossible to know and detect each and every possible type of virus.
Therefore, even when you have a real-time virus scanner, it is wise to get some information on the vulnerabilities and strengths of your email program. The GFI site tests your email program by sending you number of emails that probe your mail system.
How not to get an email virus Prevention is the best cure when approaching the hazards of email viruses. This article, written by Dhugael McLean, explains how to best handle a variety of email attachments, and which file types you should never open when they are sent to you by email.
Outlook protection Some Outlook and Outlook express versions are very vulnerable to virus attacks through email. Several versions of Outlook and Outlook Express can execute malicious scripts or programs hidden inside emails sent to you without warning. A patch for Outlook Express to diminish this security risk can be found on the Microsoft Web site.
Patches for Outlook and Outlook Express can also be found here.
The VCATCH program can protect both Outlook and Outlook Express from virus emails.

These sites offer non-free Outlook protection software:
Slipstick systems

Free Firewalls
Sygate Free personal firewall to protect a single computer. For Windows 95OSR2/98/NT/2000.
Outpost Firewall FREE Free firewall for Windows. Created by Agnitum. The PRO version (non-free) has a number of additional features.
Omniquad Personal
Firewall Freeware
Free personal firewall for Windows created by Omniquad. Click here for an in-depth review by
Astaro Professional Linux firewall with many additional security features against hackers, worms, spams, trojans, etc. Astaro is free for personal use. Home users can receive a license key for free (you need to fill in a form).
For companies there is a 30-day evaluation version available for download, the registration fee starts at $ 390.
Zone Alarm
(Basic version)
Free basic PC desktop firewall.
Note from the editor: Zone Alarm is not bug-free, in the sense that it can block or 'lock up' your Internet connection totally, making an uninstall/re-install necesssary. We have had this experience over the last few years on a number of computers with Zone Alarm.
Kerio Limited free edition For home users, Kerio Personal Firewall 4 is available in two flavors - the full edition and the limited free edition. More information.
Premidius Firewall Lite Free firewall for personal use.
x-Wall Series Non-free security software package, but the firewall component is free.
Home PC Firewall Guide Independent reviews of Internet security and privacy-related products
New!   Free anti-Trojan tools
Trojans are programs, which - like viruses - can be active on your computer without your knowledge. In general Trojans do not replicate though. Trojans are dangerous, since they can transmit secret information, such as passwords, credit card information, company secrets, confidential information, personal letters, etc.
Also: trojans can delete files, open backdoors, connect secretly to external sites.
a2free Freeware trojan scanner. a˛ is a complementary product to antivirus software which is specialized in protection against harmful software. Antivirus software often features an inadequate protection against Trojans, Dialers and Spyware. a˛ fills this gap.
The non-free a2personal edition has additional features, such as continous background trojan-scanning and automatic updates.
GFI online Trojan Scanner Freeware online Trojan scanner. This program runs in your browser (Internet Explorer only, Windows), no explicit installation is required.
Anti-trojan Freeware. Originally Anti-trojan was not free, but development is discontinued and the product is now offered for free. The fact that this product is no longer updated means that it will not always detect the newest trojans.
Whitepaper: how to protect against Trojans Trojans - and how to protect your network against them. This white paper outlines what Trojans are and why they pose a danger to corporate networks. As early as 2001, an eWeek article reported that tens of thousands of machines are infected with Trojans. This is still the case today. More... Site dedicated to helping people stay informed about trojan horse programs, how to find out if you are infected, and how to remove these trojans safely from your system. See also Virus- (and trojan) scanner tests.
TreePad Business Edition™
All-in-one Organizer!

Intuitive Tree-structured Organizer, PIM, Word Processor, Photo Album, WebSite Generator (optional export to dynamic tree), with templates, multi-featured search, spellcheck in 20+ languages, thesaurus, bookmarks, character map, history, favorites, multiple import/export, xml, images, icons, sort, auto-number, password protection and advanced encryption, hyperlinks, etc. With the look and feel of the Windows Explorer, TreePad offers a highly intuitive, versatile and efficient way to edit, format, organize and store your data!

Created by Freebyte!
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Virus- (and trojan) scanner tests
Check out these sites if you want too see which anti-virus (or anti-trojan) programs offer the best protection or find out whether your installed virus (or trojan) scanner is effective.
Hackfix Anti-virus test Listing of the most current anti-virus programs and which viruses they fail or succeed to detect.
Hackfix Anti-trojan test Listing of the most current anti-trojan programs and which trojans they fail or succeed to detect.
The PCMan Website Free virus scanner test. This service tests your Virus Protection online see if your installed virus scanner detects the test string. This test virus was developed by the European Institute for Computer Anti-Virus Research (EICAR). This is just a test it is NOT a real virus but a harmless string of characters. This string is used to verify the effectiveness of your virus scanning software. If your virus scanner is set up and working properly it should intercept the downloading of these files.
Virus Bulletin Virus scanner tests, independent anti-virus advice.
Virus Test Center Publishes and performs virus scanner tests, virus lists, lists of macro viruses.
Virus Info
McAfee Virus Information Library Detailed information on where viruses come from, how they infect your system, and how to remove them.
AVP Virus Encyclopedia News on viruses, virus listings alphabetically or by category.
F-Secure Virus Information Center News and information on viruses Site to help people understand today's computer viruses and assist them in cleaning their own systems. Information is presented in a Q & A format.
Stiller Research's Hoax Page Database of virus Hoaxes and other annoying misinformation.  
Symantec Virus database Viruses listed alphabetically, threat list.
Trend Virus Tracking Center Real-time World Virus Tracking Center. It shows the regional distribution of viruses worldwide during the past 24 hours, past 7 days and past 30 days.
Trend Virus Information Center Virus Encyclopedia. Very useful site containing extensive lists (and background information) on many viruses.
Virus Bulletin Technical journal on developments in the field of computer viruses and anti-virus products
Virus or Hoax? The World Wide Web pages of 'Virus or Hoax ?' are created to give you basic information about viruses, hoaxes, Trojan Horses, macro viruses and Internet related viruses, such as worms and email bombs. Virus encyclopedia, anti-virus software, events, facts and commentary.  
Various anti-virus resources
Anti Virus Resources Site with information about viruses, firewalls, protection, etc.
AntiVirus World The latest virus news and related information.
comp.virus Newsgroup on anti-virus related issues.
Doug Muth's Anti-Virus Help Page Lots of up-to-date information.
Gladiator Security Forums News and forums on security, firewalls, antivirus, trojans, spyware.
Robert Chu's Anti-Virus Page Practical and solution-oriented anti-virus page.
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Information wanted!
If you know of any free anti-virus software (not listed here), sites performing Virus scanner tests, or other useful resources please let us know!  
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