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New features in version 4.5
November 04, 2005
Free upgrade for registered users

* Added: print to multiple colums and rows (optional, useful when printing address labels).
* Added: one can now specify how many rows rows and columns will be printed on each page (optional).
* Added: one can now specify the distance between rows and colums (optional, in inches or mm).
* Moved: the 'units' combobox is moved to the tab 'misc' in the print screen.
* Moved: the 'print attribute names' and 'print empty attributes' checkboxes are moved to the 'page layout' tab in the print screen.


New features in version 4.4
October 22, 2005
Free upgrade for registered users

* Added: new print and print-preview screen, which can be opened using menu/file/print. This new print screen has a large number of features, including:
  - full print-preview capabilities. Any change you make to the print screen can be viewed without printing (just click on the 'preview' button).
  - one can specify a multitute of paper sizes (also: postcards and envelopes) for printing as well as for print-preview.
  - an option to select all address items in the current category, or some address items for printing
  - an option to print or omit empty attributes (e.g. you can choose not to print 'company' for an item which has that field empty)
  - an option to print or not to print the attribute names
  - one can specify the top margin of the printed text, the left margin, the bottom margin and the width of the attribute-names column
  - units can be shown in Inches and millimeters.
  - one can print each item on a separate page, which can be useful when printing envelopes or postcards.
* Changed: the previous print options can no longer be found in the settings screen, but have moved the new print screen


New features in version 4.3
May 25, 2004
Free upgrade for registered users

* Added: new display tab in options screen to change display characteristics of the main screen
* Added: one can now change the font size, color and name of the attributes in the main screen through the display tab in the options screen.
* Added: one can now change the height of the attribute boxes in the main screen through the display tab in the options screen.
* Improved: the options screen now remembers the last-selected tab, the next time it is opened through menu/view/options or the options toolbutton.


New features in version 4.2
March 06, 2004
Free upgrade for registered users

* Added: statusbar now displays 'protected' when a file is password protected
* Added: statusbar now displays 'registered' or 'unregistered'
* Improved: the speed of saving information to disk has been improved greatly. Addressbook now can save (and load) thousands of items in just a few seconds.
* Added: menu/file/properties, showing the statistics of the currently opened file, such as: the number of items in the current category, the number of items in the current database, the size of the current database, the name of the current file, etc.
* Added: uninstall icon to the Windows Custom Addressbook program group.
* Improved: the selected address item (in the left-pane), will stay selected after saving


New features in version 4.1
February 22, 2004
Free upgrade for registered users

* Added: menu/upgrade/check for new versions, which automatically checks whether a new version has been released (registered mode only).
* Added: print options tab to the options screen, where one can set the printer font (size, name, color), and print column width.
* Added: menu/file/print/printer setup (printer setup dialog to select the printer, paper size, paper orientation, etc.)
* Added: menu/file/print/print options, direct shortcut to the printer options tab in the options screen.
* Bugfix: export of atrributes with attribute-names containing uppercase characters is now fixed


New features in version 4.0
March, 2003
Free upgrade for registered users

* added: support for Windows XP skinning/themes
* added: toolbar with the most important functions (open, save, import, export, add, delete, options, etc.)
* added: menu/file/open, and corresponding toolbar open button
* added: menu/file/reopen
* added: menu/file/save as
* added: menu/file/new
* improved: the search screen has been improved to include the options:
- search selected category only
- search selected attribute/field only
- case sensitive
- search in start of field
- show/hide options
* improved: export of items to XML, CSV, HTML or TXT is now in the same order as shown in the user-interface
* bugfix: minimized window visible
* bugfix: access violation at startup
* added: deleting items from 'search results' category and 'all data' category now completele deletes items from database
* added: item properties screen with information on item-data and item-categories


New features in version 3.0.2
October, 2002
Free upgrade for registered users

* changed: a new registration number. The old version 2.x registration number is not valid anymore. Registered 2.x users can request a free upgrade to Addressbook 3.x at https://www.freebyte.com/addressbook/upgrade
* added: improved search: the search results are now shown in a separate search tab.
* added: function to duplicate one or more items. Using this function you can use an existing item as a template for new items.


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