Customizing Custom Addressbook (Settings Window)
With the settings screen (menu:options/settings, menu:define/attributes, or menu:defile/categories) you can customize many aspects of Custom Addressbook.
* To customize the caption of the main Addressbook window, edit 'filetitle' in the first tab
* You can add and remove categories (like office, home)
* You can add and remove attributes (like first name, last name, address)
* You can make attributes and categories visible or invisible
* You can adjust the vertical size of each attribute edit box (property 'lines').
* You can change the order in which categories and attributes appear in the main screen by dragging the items with your mouse in the lists in the settings screen.
* You can change how items are displayed in the left list-box in the main screen:
The caption of an item, by default is the value of the first attribute in the right pane, usually the name of the person. In the settings screen, tab 'general' you can specify how many attributes are part of the caption of an item. The default value is '1', leading to a caption of e.g. 'Bill Gates' (only the name attribute). However, if you choose '2', then the caption of the item will comprise of the first two attributes, e.g. 'Bill Gates, Microsoft' (the name of the person, and the name of the company). The maximum amount of attributes being part of an item caption is 4, the minimum amount is 1. Custom Addressbook will intelligently adjust the caption automatically if you leave one or more attribute fields blank.
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