File Import
"Menu:file/import". Custom Addressbook has the ability to import data from comma separated files. Most database and contact-management programs can export data to comma separated files.
Comma separted files usually have the following structure: one database record will occupy a single line in the text file. The fields inside the database record are separated by comma's, tabs or semi-colons. Fields optionally are enclosed by double or single quotes.
Example of a few records from a CSV file:
Goodheart;John;Mainstreet;12;New Haven;United States
Janssen;Jan;Keizersgracht;256;Amsterdam;the Netherlands
This example uses the semi-colon (;) to separate fields, fields are not enclosed by single or double quotes.
Note: files containing records which contain return characters INSIDE data fields will not be correctly imported. This happens because Addressbook assumes that a return/new line character indicates the end of the record.
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