Automatic install
Just run install.exe . The program does not mess up your system by installing dlls, it just copies the .exe and .text files in one directory, and creates shortcuts to them.
Manual install
Copy the files into one directory, and simply start Addressbook.exe by double-clicking on it.
To uninstall Custom Addressbook, click on the uninstall icon in the Windows program group for Custom Addressbook or double-click on uninstall.bat.
Zero install
It will also run directly from CD-Rom or a write protected floppy but you can't save anything when the media is write-protected. It will also run directly from a write enabled floppy and you can save your data to it. Settings are stored in the addressbook data file (except last screen positions and sizes which are stored into the registry, and import-screen settings which are stored in a .cfg file in the same directory as the data file).
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