New features in earlier versions
New features in version 1.0
* Added: attribute settings: enable/disable printing of individual attributes
New features in version 1.0.2
* Added: menu/options/font: to set the font displayed in the edit boxes and the listbox.
* Added: menu/options/language mode: to set the IME mode (for Asian and non-European language use).
New features in version 1.1
* Added: menu/file/minimize to tray: minimizes Addressbook to the system-tray.
New features in version 1.2
* Added: menu/items/find to search all the items for a certain string
* Added: menu/items/copy: address items can be copied into more then one category
* Changed: deleting an address item will delete it from the selected category. Only if an item is deleted from its last category the user is warned that this will completely remove the address item from the database.
New features in version 1.3
* Changed: Print menu items have been moved from the 'items' menu to the 'file' menu.
* Added: menu/items/select all
* Added: menu/items/copy to clipboard. This command copies the (visible and non-empty) attributes of the selected items to the clipboard.
* Added: menu/items/add to clipboard. This command adds the (visible attributes of the selected items to the clipboard.
New features in version 1.4
* Added: password protection. See menu/options/password. Password protection can be switched on or off.
New features in version 1.5
* Added: data encryption. If you enable the password option, the address.dat file is automatically encrypted. If you disable the password option, the data file is plain non-encrypted ascii text. The password is encrypted within the already encrypted data file. This makes the password itself encrypted twice.
* Added: program registration. The 1.1 version (available for download) is freeware. The 1.5 version (or later) is shareware.
New features in version 1.6
* Added: possibility to open alternative data files (other than address.dat) by specifying a command-line parameter during program startup
* Added: "menu/file/backup to...", to backup addressbook files.
* Added: "menu/help/short help", a window displaying information on shortcut keys and other less well known features.
* Added: "menu/help/readme.txt", to easily access the readme.txt file (this file) from within the program itself.
* Changed: non-empty categories can no longer be deleted. First remove all the address items from that category.
* Changed: the limit on the maximum amount of lines DISPLAYED in data fields (e.g. name, address, phone) has been raised from 6 to 30 lines.
* Bugfix: some pre-defined address-items could not be removed; this has now been fixed.
New features in version 1.7
* Added: "menu/file/import", to import data from comma separated text-files. See the section on importing data.
* Added: viewer/readonly feature, see the section on the viewer/readonly mode.
New features in version 1.8
* You can change the amount of attributes which make up an item caption. E.g. if you choose '2 attributes', only the first two attributes will be part of the caption.
The caption of an item, by default is the value of the first attribute in the right pane, usually the name of the person. In the settings screen, tab 'general' you can specify how many attributes are part of the caption of an item. The default value is '1', leading to a caption of e.g. 'Bill Gates' (only the name attribute). However, if you choose '2', then the caption of the item will comprise of the first two attributes, e.g. 'Bill Gates, Microsoft' (the name of the person, and the name of the company). The maximum amount of attributes being part of an item caption is 4, the minimum amount is 1. Custom Addressbook will adjust the caption automatically if you leave one or more attribute fields blank.
* Changed: the keyboard shortcut for 'copy selected items to clipboard' is now ctrl-shift-c (instead of ctrl-c) because of interference with the standard ctrl-c shortcut (see the next point).
* Added: ctrl-c copies the selected text inside an attribute box to the clipboard
* Added: range select. When you select an item in the list (in the left part of the window) with the mouse, and after that select another item while holding down the ctrl and shift keys, all the items positioned between those two will be selected as well.
New features in version 2.0
* added: auto-dial. Double clicking on a phone or fax field will start the autodialing process if a modem is connected.
* added: active hyperlinks. Double clicking on a field containing WWW, FTP, News or email data, will open the associated program.
* added: direct menu items to the 'define attributes' and 'define categories' screens (menu/options).
New features in version 2.1
* added: export to CSV and XML files. Please see Menu/file/export.
New features in version 2.2
* added: export to text files (menu/file/export)
* added: support for printing address labels (please see the paragraph above on printing address labels)
New features in version 3.0.2
* changed: a new registration number. The old version 2.x registration number is not valid anymore. Registered 2.x users can request a free upgrade to Addressbook 3.x at
* added: improved search: the search results are now shown in a separate search tab.
* added: function to duplicate one or more items. Using this function you can use an existing item as a template for new items.
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