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! Custom Addressbook
Small Flexible Simple Password Protected!
Version 3.0.3
! Custom Addressbook received 5 stars (the maximum rating) at The File Transit.
ListSoft writes: absence of unneeded and fancy functions, small size (you can run it, say, from floppy), ability to encrypt and compress data, import features, and a lot of other useful things makes this address book a really handy tool...

Custom Addressbook is an easy to use, small, and extremely flexible Address Management program for Windows 95/98/ME/NT/2000/XP.
Custom Addressbook is unique, among the many apparently similar programs, in that this program enables you to define your own addressbook fields and categories.

Another advantage of its small size, is that the program and its database file can run directly from a floppy disk.
This means, that anywhere you may be, if you can make use of a computer, then you can also access your Custom Addressbook! All you need is to have with you the diskette with the program and the data file. Freeware and shareware versions are available.

Click image to enlarge

More features:
(s = shareware version, f=freeware version, r=only after registration)
* create, print, delete, categorize and order address items (fs)
* auto-dial (s)
* active hyperlink fields to WWW, FTP, News, Email (s)
* password protection (s)
* data encryption (s)
* data compression (s)
* support for Asian languages and non-western fonts (fs)
* define your own attributes (fs)
* define your own categories (fs)
* minimize to tray (fs)
* search engine (s)   New!
* import from CSV files (from programs such as MS Access, dBase, etc.) (s)
* export to CSV files (s)   New!
* export to XML files (s)   New!
* export to Text files (s)   New!
* print address labels through 'export to text file' and standard
   label-printing programs, like the freeware SenLab (s) New!
* duplicate items (s)   New!
* search function (s)
* the ability to copy/add data to clipboard (s)
* built-in backup function (s)
* support for multiple data files (s)
* easy automatic install (fs)
* easy manual install (fs)
* uninstall support (fs)
* etc. etc.
The freeware version offers some of the above functions (f), the shareware version offers all (s).

You can download Custom Addressbook here. Alternatively, you can find out about some more really unique features of this program directly below.

    Now, why is this program called 'Custom' Addressbook?

Custom Addressbook is unique, among the many apparently similar programs, in that this program enables you to define your own addressbook. Each person has different needs, wants to store his data in a different order, and wants to store different things (not everyone wants to store birthdays or first names, but some people do!).
Custom Addressbook even enables you to define your own addressbook from scratch!

For instance, you can easily define your own 'attributes' (like 'Phone Number', 'Email Address'). You can also define 'categories' (these are groups into which you can organize your data, e.g. 'Friends', 'Office', 'Family', etc.).
See this screenshot to get an impression on how to define and order attributes yourself.

Are you ready to download the program? Or do you want to read about the Custom Addressbook registration policies?

The downloadable shareware evaluation version is fully functional and can be evaluated for 30 days.

Registration and price

Registering your copy of Custom Addressbook amounts to no more than $17.95, many payment options are available, such as: various types of credit card, check/cheque, PayPal, phone, fax, Wire Transfer, etc.

You will then find that it is just as easy and simple to register your copy of the program, as it has been to install and to make effective use of Custom Addressbook's convenient special features.

Download: shareware version
Download: (version 3.0.3, 421 Kb).

The file you download is fully functional and operational, the only restriction for non-registered users is the 30-day trial period.
Entering the registration number will lift the time limitation.

Download: freeware version
Download the freeware 'lite' version with some of the described features: (version 1.1, 315 Kb).
You can conveniently register the full version here
Free upgrade from version 2.x
Registered Addressbook 2.x users can upgrade for free

Easy install, easy uninstall. Just run install.exe and the program will be set up for you on your system. If you wish, you can also manually install Custom Addressbook, by copying the files into a directory of your choice.

How to upgrade
To upgrade from a previous version, simply install the new version over the older version. Alternatively, you can manually replace the files in the program directory with the newer ones.

To keep informed on new versions, you can join the Freebyte newsletter.

PAD files
If your site lists software, and supports PAD files, you can use these PAD files to list Custom Addressbook:
Custom Addressbook Freeware PAD file
Custom Addressbook PAD file


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