Enabling⁄disabling multiple tracks
Please note that Music Player will only play enabled ⁄ marked tracks and it will skip any disabled ⁄ unmarked tracks. So if a track does not have a checkmark in the left-hand column, it will not be played.
Enabling⁄disabling all tracks
Using Menu: List⁄Mark⁄All items you can enable or mark all tracks
Using Menu: List⁄Unmark⁄All items will disable or unmark all tracks
Marking⁄unmarking selected tracks
You can enable or mark all selected tracks using Menu: List⁄Mark⁄Selected items
and disable or unmark all selected tracks using Menu: List⁄Unmark⁄Selected items.
Selecting multiple tracks
This can be done with the mouse in combination with the ctrl or shift key.
More details on selecting tracks.
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