Using the main menu for playback
Instead of using the buttons 'Play', 'Stop', etc., you can also use the main menu.
All functions for starting, pausing, resuming and stopping playback can be accessed through the program's main menu as well.
Menu: Action⁄Play begins playback of the first track, or of the first selected track.
Menu: Action⁄Stop stops playback
Menu: Action⁄Pause pauses playback
Please note that - after pausing playback - the 'Pause' menu item will be replaced by 'Resume'.
Menu: Action⁄Resume resumes playback when the program is paused.
Please note that - after resuming playback - the 'Resume' menu item willbe replaced by 'Pause'.
Menu: Action⁄Play previous item, interrupts the current track and immediately plays the next track in the list.
Menu: Action⁄Play next item intterupts the current track and plays the previous track in the list.
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