Resizing list columns
If the name of a music track (or the name of an album) is too large to fit in its column, you might want to enlarge that column. You can do this using your mouse.
To resize a column, just perform a 'mouse drag' operation on one of the column separators.
In more detail:
(1) move your mouse cursor near a separator (vertical line) between two column headers (note that the mouse cursor will not change into a 'resize cursor', please see the screenshot below)
(2) then press down the left mouse button,
(3) while holding down the mouse button, move your mouse to the right to enlarge the column (or to the left to reduce it)
(4) and finally release the mouse button.
Known bug
Please note that - with the mouse cursor in the position as shown in the above screenshot - one should expect it to change into a 'resize cursor' indicating that the column 'Album' can be resized. Unfortunately, due to a temporary limitation in the programming tool we used, the mouse cursor will not change even while it is in the correct position.
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